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Manual Screens

Manual B ES196
Manual SRM 2012 196
Manual B Series  Manual Series Manual SRM Series
ManualSRMPro OpenAngleLeft s    
Manual SRM Pro Series    


Electric Projection Screens - Wall/Ceiling

spectrum tension main196
Spectrum2 196 
Spectrum Series   Spectrum Tab-Tension Series  

Spectrum2 Series

 Starling Bk Front196
starling tension2 196
Starling 2 Straight 196
Starling Series    Starling Tab-Tension
  Starling 2 Series
starling tt s
VMAX2 2012 196
Starling Tab-Tension 2 Series   VMAX2 Series
  VMAX Plus 3/4 Series
 VMAX Dual 169 Angle196
  VMAX Tab Tension Dual s   Home OpenLeft 196
VMAX Dual Series
  VMAX Tab-Tension Dual Series   Home2 Series
Saker Front Wt accessories196   Saker Front Wt accessories196   CineTension 2012 196
Saker Series
  Saker Tab-Tension
  CineTension2 Series
Saker Plus        
Saker Plus Series        


Electric Screens - Recessed/In-Ceiling

EvanesceB FullFront Logo196   evanesceTB Front logo196   EvanesceTension 2012 196
Evanesce B Series   Evanesce Tab-Tension B Series    Evanesce Tab-Tension
 Evanesce front logo196   lb evanesce p-rtangle196    
 Evanesce Series    Evanesce Plus    

Electric Projection Screens - Floor Rising

kestrel ES196
KestrelHome Front196
Kestrel Stage ES196
Kestrel Series   Kestrel Home Series   

Kestrel Stage Series 

Kestrel Tension Series  
Kestrel Tension Series   Merlin Series   Merlin Module Series
Merlin Tension Series    Merlin Module Tension Series    

Fixed Frame Projection Screens

Lunette ES196
  Lunette 2 Series  
Sable-Front-View 196
Lunette Series   Lunette 2 Series  

SableFrame Series

Sable-full-View 196
  ezFrame front196   ezFrame front waccessories196
SableFrame 2 Series    ezFrame Series   ezFrame 2 Series
ezFrame Plus196   Aeon es Front196  
ezFrame Plus   Aeon Series    Aeon CLR Series


Portable Projection Screens

PicoScreen v2 3Sizes 196
 PicoSport new196
Tripod black 2012 196
PicoScreen™ Series   Pico Sport Series  

Tripod Series

TripodPro 2012 196
tripod plus main196
ezCinema Front AngleLeft 196
Tripod Pro Series   Tripod Stage Series
  ezCinema Series
ezCinema Plus 2012 196
reflexion open196
ezCinema Plus Series   Reflexion Series
  QuickStand Series
  quickstand 5second award196   ZRM-135HW-A1080P3 196 
QuickStand Drape Series   QuickStand 5 Second Series
   Designer Cut Series

Outdoor Projection Screens

DIY Front 196
  DIY Pro 196   diy wall196
DIY Screen Series   DIY Pro Screen Series 
  DIY Wall Screen Series
oms 4sizes case 200 196   yardmaster2 main all196   popup cinema196
Yard Master Series
  Yard Master 2 Series
  Pop-up Cinema Series



Whiteboard & Pliable Projection Screens

WBSu 2012 196
WhiteBoardScreen 2012 196
WhiteBoardScreen™ ALR Series   WhiteBoardScreen™ Universal Series  

Insta-DE Series

ide2 wall 196 award
Insta-DE2 Series   Insta-DEM Series    Insta-RP Series
Insta-RP2 lady196        
Insta RP2  


Thin Edge Series



Accessories - Screen Material

AcousticPro UHD196
A1080P3 196 web
AcousticPro UHD


CineGrey 196 web
  AirBright 3D2   CineGrey
cinegrey 5d dark 196wm
CineWhite 196 web
Cinegrey 5D
  CineWhite   DynaWhite
 MaxWhite HD 196 gg
MaxWhiteFG 196 web gg
  MaxWhite FG
StarBright™ 4
  StarBright™ 7   VersaWhite
WraithVeil    WraithVeil2
  StarBright™ CLR


Accessories - Remotes and Controls

RF Remote   IR Remote  

3-Way Wall Switch

ZR800 Universal Learning IR Remote
  50 feet RJ-45 cable   Wireless 5-12V Trigger (Wall/Ceiling)
Wireless 5-12V Trigger (Floor Rise)   In-Wall Up/Down switches - ZIW   In-Wall Up/Down -ZIW-Module
   ZPM RT196   zu12v 196
5-12V Trigger Cable & IR Receiver    Remote Kit for Spectrum2    Universal Wireless 5-12V Trigger


Accessories - Mounts, Brackets & In-Ceiling Kits

ZWBMS-PRO Universal Mobile Stand   ZWBMS Whiteboard Screen Mobile Stand
  ZWBMS 4x10 Whiteboard screen Mobile Stand


VMAX2/Spectrum Ceiling Trim Kit
  Home2 Ceiling Trim Kit
  CineTension2 Ceiling Trim Kit
zhome main 196
6 inch black lbrackets 196x129

Universal Ceiling Trim Kit

  L Brackets for Home2/CineTension2   L Bracket for Manual/VMAX2/Spectrum Series
Short Throw Universal Projector Mount

  Wall Plates accessory for A56-E25B | ZA56-WP   Universal Projector Mount - A56-E25B
 ZAF Cart B196        
  Projector Stacking Mobile Cart          


Accessories - Others

ZER1   ZER2  


ZERC2 196   zerc3 196   zerc4 photo196
ZECR2 Cleaning Solution   ZECR3 Cleaning Solution   ZECR4 Cleaning Solution
tripod bag2 196x129
Tripod and Reflexion Carrying Bag   Floor Pull Up Carrying Bag    220 volt transformer
IDE Tray Frame 129        
Frame Border and Pen Tray        
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PicoScreen wins PC Magazine’s 2016 Editor’s Choice Award

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EPV PolarStar eFinity ISF Wins 2016 Mark of Excellence Award

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VMAX Dual Series Wins TWICE Magazine 2016 Picks Award

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Saker Tab-Tensioned Acoustically Transparent UHD Wins SVC Magazine 2015 Top-30 Most Innovative Products Award


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2015 Product Guide

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2015 Quick Product Guide

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