$300 Reward for Ambient Light Rejecting Screen Application Video

Requirements on creating a video that will be selected:

The video quality is expected to be homespun. We are not expecting Hollywood blockbuster quality but would like to see better than a poorly thought-out and aesthetically unpleasant iPhone cam shot. Think “family-friendly”. The projected image content as well as the home-theater environment should be free of imagery portraying nudity/pornographic imagery, drug use, extreme violence or other imagery considered inappropriate according to basic business HR guidelines.

  1. Projected image content on the screen should look good in both the dark room and  ambient light situations. Images should be bright with colors. Many video cameras fail to capture the true appearance of the theater screen since it is essentially making a lower quality copy of the image it records.
  2. Environment should be neat to allow viewer to focus on the ambient light rejecting capability. The idea of a pleasant viewing experience should be kept in mind. Feel free to show off the environment (eg. home theater room, media room, other residential or business) in which the projection array is operated.
  3. If possible, video should be filmed at the highest resolution setting to capture the best clarity
  4. Talk about the product and what you like about it. Mention problems and concerns you faced in your setup and how your ALR screen helped  in dealing with these.

If you have further questions or concerns about the video criteria, feel free to email us at video@elitescreens.com

***Valid through 12/31/2017 (Postmark by 12/31/2017)