Raphael From Popular YouTube Channel The RafCave Upgrades his Matte White Screen With Elite Screens Aeon CineGrey 3D®

See The RafCave's Latest Review and Unboxing Video on Elite Screens’ Aeon CineGrey 3D®


  • Product: Aeon CineGrey 3D® (AR135DHD3)
  • Reviewer: Raphael (The RafCave)
  • Video Review: (Click Here)


With the need of an upgrade to his home theater, Raphael from the RafCave selected the Aeon CineGrey 3D® projection screen. He soon realized how it compared to his previous matte white screen in the form of better contrast and accurate color reproduction. Raphael was amazed by the performance of the screen. The Aeon CineGrey 3D® being known for its ambient light rejecting ...

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Host The Blissful Bee and Popular Online Interior Design Expert Showcases Elite Screens’ Aeon CineGrey 3D® in Her Latest Media Room Project

Host of The Blissful Bee and Popular Online Interior Design Expert Showcases Elite Screens’ Aeon CineGrey 3D® in Her Latest Media Room Project


  • Product: Aeon CineGrey 3D® (AR110DHD3)
  • Reviewer: Amy Horany
  • URL: (Full Review)


Amy Horany is a popular Texas-based interior designer who selected an Elite Screens Aeon CineGrey 3D® projection screen to combat the washout effects of ambient light. The CineGrey 3D® material is ISF certified by the world-renowned Imaging Science Foundation for its ability to provide a bright clear image with superb color saturation, contrast, and black-white dynamic ...

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ProjectorCentral and Sound & Vision Magazine’s Al Griffin Evaluates the Aeon CLR® Projection Screen

ProjectorCentral and Sound & Vision Magazine: Epson Home Cinema LS100 LCD Projector and Elite Screens Aeon CLR Screen Review


  • Product: Aeon CLR® (AR90H-CLR) 90” - 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • Projector: Epson LS100 LCD Projector
  • Reviewer: Al Griffin, ProjectorCentral and Sound & Vision Magazine
  • Review: Click Here


The Aeon CLR® is an EDGE FREE CLR® fixed frame screen that uses Elite’s innovative StarBright CLR® (Ceiling Light Rejecting®) material. Its serriform optical surface lens microstructure negates the washout effect of ambient light especially from overhead sources. This also enables the material to provide contrast levels that are 100 times greater than that ...

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Widescreen Reviews’ Doug Blackburn Evaluates the ezFrame CineGrey 5D® Series ALR Projection Screen

WSR Magazine Product Review: Elite Screens ezFrame Projection Screen With CineGrey 5D®


  • Product: ezFrame CineGrey 5D® Series (R84DHD5) 84” - 16:9 aspect ratio
  • Projector: Epson 3-LCD
  • Reviewer: Doug Blackburn Widescreen Review Magazine



Southern California-based Elite Screens has offices in Europe, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, and India. They don’t make other products, but the array of projection-related products and accessories is impressive. Screens are available with fixed frames, motorized frames, portable screens, outdoor screens, ambient light rejecting screens, dry eraser whiteboard screens, screen paint to paint a screen on a wall, and screen materials for rear projection.


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See The Latest Review of the Aeon CineGrey 3D® Series by ProjectorReviews.com

Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) Projector Screens Are Replacing Old TV Panels With A Larger-Than-Life Experience


  • Product: Aeon Series (CineGrey 3D®)
  • Projector: Sony VPL-VW665ES
  • Reviewer: ProjectorReviews.com



ProjectorReviews.com has been a top industry go-to source for projector and screen enthusiasts for a while now and it was time to put the CineGrey 3D® to the test. The recent developments in projection materials that can actually reject the wash-out effects of ambient light means that consumers can have that larger-than-life home theater experience without the need for a dark room. The evaluation was conducted by industry expert ...

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Aeon Series CineGrey 3D® Review

Aeon AR120DHD3 Ambient Light Rejecting Screen crushes Ambient Light in Sioux City Residential Media Room

  • Date:  Mar. 28, 2017
  • Location:  Sioux Falls, SD
  • Product: Aeon Series (Cinegrey 3D®) AR120DHD3
  • Installer: Rick (Residential)
  • Customer Comment – “One big benefit of this screen was that it is edgeless. and that it supports 3D and that its 120" and fits on my wall perfectly”.


Like so many Americans, Rick of Sioux Falls, South Dakota has created a home theater – media room for his family, friends, and his own enjoyment. Some church-style pews serve as a convenient seating ...

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Sable Frame CineGrey 3D® Review

  • Date:  Feb.11, 2017
  • Location:  Aachen, Germany (Residential)
  • Product: Sable Frame (Cinegrey 3D®) ER100DHD3
  • Projector: Sony VPL HW65
  • Installer: Heinrich (Residential)
  • Customer Comment – “Great screen for living rooms with bright colored ceiling and walls”.


Residential applications come with a set of requirements as diverse as the homes into which each installation goes. Throughout Europe, urban residential installations present many of the same challenges that we encounter here in the US. It must be minimally invasive but more importantly, you’ll be working in an environment where there is a high amount of ambient light.


In Aachen, Germany, one of ...

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Top European AV Experts Give Great Review of Elite’s Motorized CineGrey 5D® Ambient Light Rejecting Screen

Top European AV Experts Give Great Review of Elite’s Motorized CineGrey 5D® Ambient Light Rejecting Screen

As Elite Screens continues to make great strides in the European sales channels, its product lines are getting the attention of Europe’s leading AV specialists.  Beamer4U is a leading German media source regarding  projectors, screens and accessories.   In addition to product sales, they regularly produce videos and product evaluations  to ensure that their customers are well informed and appreciative of the finer points in projection technology.  Beamer4U’s Thomas Conrad brought in ...

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Ambient Light Rejecting Product Reviews

Winner: Twice Magazine 2015 CES Pick Award

Elite Screens is pleased to announce that its Aeon series of EDGE FREE®" projection screen with its CineGrey 3D® ambient light rejecting (ALR) material has won TWICE Magazine's 2015 Picks Award at the International CES show in Las Vegas. 
Click Here for more information about the award

"Great screen and awesome price"
"This is an awesome screen. It was super easy to put together, it took less than 20 minutes. The package arrived two days ahead of schedule and it was ...

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Elite Screens ezFrame CineGrey 5D® Review by Connected Home Magazine, Australia

CineGrey 5D® Screen review by Paul Skelton of Connected Home Magazine, Australia

Paul Skelton of Connected Home Magazine (Australia) Reviews Elite Screens CineGrey 5D® Material

Several projection screen manufacturers tout the ability to reject ambient light, but very few are successful. Paul Skelton looks at a new ALR screen from Elite to see if it can find a place in the sun.

Projection screens often get overlooked in custom installations, with many people believing there is very little difference between those available to market. But, if all screens are the same, why are there so ...

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Audiogurus Evaluates the Aeon AUHD Acoustically Transparent Perforated Weave Projector Screen

AV Expert Clint DeBoer Reviewed the Aeon AUHD Acoustically Transparent Edge Free® Projector Screen and the Results Were Fantastic


  • Product: Aeon AcousticPro UHD
  • Reviewer: Clint DeBoer
  • URL: (Full Review)



Audiogurus is a leading online educational and direct retail resource for A/V consumers and enthusiasts. For this reason, our staff members here at Elite Screens were thrilled when Audiogurus' Head Guru, Clint DeBoer put the Aeon AUHD (AR135H2-AUHD) through its paces.

"The weave on this screen is ready for active 3D, 4K Ultra HD, and even HDR. It works well...

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Peregrine AcousticPro-4K Review by ERIK FARSTAD

REVIEW - Peregrine AcousticPro-4K Review by Erik Farstad


When designing and building my new showroom theater over four years ago I knew I wanted to showcase an acoustically transparent screen to my clients. As a custom installer I have access to many brands, but I liked what I was hearing about Elite Screens so I decided to purchase a 120” ezFrame AcousticPro1080 screen. That screen hung proudly in my showroom and over the years led to numerous Elite Screens being installed for many satisfied clients. I had made the right decision.


The Moiré Effect

The ...

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Sound&Vision AcousticPro1080 Review

Elite Home2 Series AcousticPro Projector Screen Review

Projector Reviews.com by Art Feierman 1-25-08


Projector Screen Highlights:

  • Acoustic screen material allows speakers to be placed behind the screen 
  • Relatively low cost for a motorized acoustic screen 
  • Require wall behind the screen is black or very dark and non-reflective 
  • Screen surface is reasonably color neutral 
  • Effective 12 volt trigger system, for having the screen drop at projector power up, and close on projector shutdown 
  • Comes with both infra-red, and RF remotes 
  • 100", 16:9 version retails for $1609 before discounts, which can be significant on Elite screens


Elite Home2 Motorized AcousticPro Screen, 100": Basic Specs

MSRP: $1609
Material: Weaved "acoustic" fabric
Gain: 0.9
Aspect ratio: 16:9

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Manual Screen Reviews

Manual Series Reviews

"This Elite Screen is absolutely outstanding! After having it for over a year and a half, it still works like the day I received it with no noticeable wear/tear. The pull down feature is very smooth and easy to angle in to place. It has a hanging hook on each side so my initial installation was super easy. Using a Mitsubishi HC1600 (1700 lumen) projector, it reflects nicely and brings out the colors beautifully. There are minor waves in the screen itself that get less noticeable over time. As a perfectionist I thought this would really ...

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Saker Tab-Tension Series 120" Diagonal- Elite ProAV Projector Screen Review

Saker Tab-Tension Series 120" Diagonal- Elite ProAV Projector Screen Review


  • Product: Saker Tab-Tension Series 120″ HDTV –(SKT120XHW-E20)

  • Projector: Epson 5020UB Projector

  • Reviewer: Art Feierman, ProjectorReviews.com

  • Review Link: (Click Here)


The Saker Tab-Tension Series from Elite screens is an electric projection screen with MaxWhite Fiberglass front projection material paired with Elite Screen’s tab-tension design for maintaining a flat surface.  Thje Saker  MSRP (not selling price – big difference) from Elite Screens is about $1500.  This is Elite’s model number for my screen as configured:  SKT120XHW-E20.

Full disclosure before starting, consider this strictly an end user review (or ...

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Saker Series Reviewed by FactoryTwoFour Magazine

FactoryTwoFour Magazine Reviews the Saker Series


  • Date:  April 30, 2017
  • Location:  Philadelphia, PA
  • Product: Saker SK84XHW-E24
  • Projector: BenQ HT2050 DLP Projector
  • Magazine Review: Kevin Corelli, FactoryTwoFour


Most homes have their largest room completely focused on an entertainment system. The furniture, the arrangement, and the design all place a television at the focal point. Modern homes are built with an emphasis on light and open space, so how will televisions fit into the home of the future? They won’t.  With more of the population living in urban rented apartments, not too many of us have room for unsightly black fragile rectangles. My apartment in downtown Philadelphia doesn’t have ...

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TheMasterSwitch.com Names Elite Screens as Numbers 1, 3, and 8 of the 12 Top Projector Screen Brands of 2017

Did Brad Pitt’s head get really wrinkly or is that just your crown molding? If you have a projector but no projector screen, you’re getting subpar picture quality and are wasting a great machine. Even if your wall is a crisp, spotless white, any imperfection will be obvious when the Death Star looks more like a football than a moon. So. yeah, you need a screen, and there are a number of choices you'll need to make: wall-mounted screen or freestanding? Which size and aspect ratio? Manual or motorized? You can expect to spend anywhere from $60 up to $400 ...

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Electric Wall/Ceiling Screen Reviews

"Two Time Customer and very happy."
"This was my second elite screens purchase and both times I have been very happy with the results. Screen comes down smooth and works great with my setup."  

From an Amazon.com Customer Review

VMAX2 Series- Model Number VMAX135XWH2

"Excellent Image"
"I have this screen paired with an Epson 5040UB and the image is outstanding. It was easy to ceiling mount (With a second pair of helping hands). I am using the RF remote and it works well. Compared to other ...

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Spectrum Electric125H-AUHD Review by EDN Network (Brian Dipert)

Spectrum Electric125H-AUHD Review by EDN Network (Brian Dipert) 

Product: Spectrum Series

Website: www.EDN.com 

Reviewer: Brian Dipert

Review: LCD TVs are getting larger, higher-resolution, lower-priced, and otherwise better all the time. But, as a recent experience personally made clear to me, nothing beats a projection screen if you've got the money and space to assemble the necessary system. My new home came with a JVC DLA-X75R 4K (interpolated, 1080p input) and 3D-capable projector already mounted to the downstairs family room ceiling (yes, its presence was a factor in my decision to purchase this particular residence versus others I considered ;-) ). The DLA-X75R, as its name cryptically implies, ...

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GeekBeat.TV "Geek House" (Part 2) How to Hang a 135" Starling Tension Screen

“How do you mount a really big projection screen in a room? We’ll show you as we hang the Elite Screens Starling Tension Series 135-inch screen on one of the larger walls at the Geek House. It’s engineered so well, that the hanging process is REALLY simple!” - Excerpt from GeekBeat.TV


Garden Grove, CA. July 18, 2014-


 John P and Cali Lewis are the celebrity hosts of GeekBeat.TV and they did a quick video to demonstrate just how easy it is to put up an Elite ...

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GeekBeat.TV “Geek House” (Part 1) Packaging Review of the Starling Tension and Insta-DE

Online Link: http://geekbeat.tv/unboxing-elite-screens-starling-tension-series-insta-de-series-screens/


The video here features GeekBeat.TV’s un-boxing of our projection screens for their new facility. This will include a large Starling Tension 135" motorized projection screen for the main theater room and Insta-DE 4' x 20' pliable whiteboard-projection screens for the office space.

June 9, 2014


GeekBeat.TV along with its hosts John P and Cali Lewis have become celebrity fixtures in the worlds of CES and consumer electronics enthusiasts alike. Recently, they decided to move into a bigger, better facility. The objective of their remodeling project is to create the ultimate Geek-friendly work environment. This will involve an intricate AV ...

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Review of the Elite Screens' PowerMax Pro Motorized Screen

Online Link: http://www.avnetwork.com/av-technology/products/review-of-the-elite-screens-powermax-pro-motorized-screen/91461

Hands-On review of the Elite Screens PowerMAX Pro motorized screen By Margot Douaihy

Product: PowerMax Pro

Magazine: AV Technology

April Edition, P. 62


Physical construction

Excellent. It’s durable, thoughtfully designed, and a great complement to the decor of any room. The screen fabric is high quality, and in turn, the projected image picture is flawless. From static data to HD video, the imagery on the screen is extremely bright with light evenly dispersed in both the horizontal and vertical planes. “Perceived quality” and contrast ratio are exellent, as is on-screen color rendition. The roller mechanism ...

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Audioholics Clint DeBoer - CineTension2 TE106HW2

Audioholics Clint DeBoer
CineTension2 TE106HW2
Audioholic’s AV professional, Clint DeBoer installs Elite’s CineTension2 projection screen and puts it through a full examination of its potential.

Elite Screens CineTension2 106" Electric Projector Screen Review
Dec. 10, 2011

Elite Screens has produced an almost innumerable variety of screens. In that way they have something for nearly any application you can imagine. But what's really amazing is that they typically price their products at a considerably higher value than some of the other major custom-installer-centric manufacturers. The CineTension2 Series is one of their more user-friendly models, appealing ...

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Home Theater Magazine Reviews our Osprey Tension Dual

Elite Screens may be less well known than some of the bigger names in the business, but they offer a wide range of projection screens for every application.
Their products are manufactured in China, making them more than competitive in price but limiting their ability to offer customization, such as sizes not included in their standard lineup.
Still, Elite does produce unique products. One in particular caught our eye: The Osprey, which puts two retractable screens in the same case, one of them 16:9, the other 2.35:1.

Click HERE to see the full ...

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Osprey Tension Dual Reviewed by HomeTheaterReview.com

Osprey Tension Dual Reviewed by HomeTheaterReview.com

Elite’s new Osprey Tension Dual is an electric roll-up projection screen that offers viewers the choice between alternating 16:9 (HDTV) and 2.35:1 (Cinemascope) projection screens.  It is ideal for use with anamorphic projectors and a leading authority in the audio-video media put it through its paces.

Home Theater Review.com - Review: Elite Screens' Osprey Tension Dual By Andrew Robinson
While HDTVs have continued to get larger and larger, not to mention cheaper and cheaper, it must be said that in order to achieve a true cinema experience in the home, one has to go with a ...

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AV Science - CineTension2

AV Science Review - CineTension Series TE92HC1

In addition to the Elite EzFrame that I was sent, I was also sent Elite’s new Cinetension electric screen. As with the EzFrame, the Cinetension is part of Elite’s new higher-end line, designed to meet the needs of the more demanding consumer. This is a tab-tensioned design, which the key part of this is the lack of waves/wrinkles. However, this screen is revolutionary from one standpoint…price. The Elite Cinetension screen retails for about what most other companies non-tensioned screens sell for. This is a big advantage for ...

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Elite Screens CineTension2 Electric Projection Screen Reviewed


Elite Screens CineTension2 Electric Projection Screen Reviewed

October 27, 2008

By: Andrew Robinson - Reviewer's System

It's not too difficult to find affordable fixed screens from a variety of manufacturers and in an abundance of styles these days. It seems even the big-ticket brands are offering some sort of entry-level product to bring new customers into the fold. The same cannot be said for remote-controlled electric drop-down screens. While every screen manufacturer worth its salt has an electric screen or two in its arsenal, none seem to be quite as affordable, or good in some cases, as the Elite Cinetension 2 ...

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Home theater Magazine Review: Elite Screens Home2 Series


Project: Home theater Magazine Review:  Elite Screens Home2 Electric projection screen

April, 2008 | by Adrienne Maxwell

What’s keeping you from taking the front-projection plunge? Is it a belief that projection systems are still only for the rich and famous, consisting of $15,000 projectors, movie-theater-sized screens, and elaborate masking systems, controlled by advanced touchpanels?

Elite Screens Home Series Electric Screen 100IWH

by Canada HiFi 

Every movie buff dreams of a dedicated home theatre room with a projector and a big screen. The reality is that not everyone can afford the luxury of a dedicated home theatre room. In fact most of us can't, so we set up home theatres in our living rooms. But how can you get away with placing a screen in your living room? Surely you don't want a big white screen permanently mounted on one of the walls in your living room.

Elite Screens has the perfect solution that's affordable, easy to mount and won't take over your living ...

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Kestrel Stage review by Mobile Beat Magazine

Kestrel Stage review by Mobile Beat Magazine

DJ’s are often called upon to provide additional audio and video services to their wedding and corporate clients, and it can be a great way to make a little more money by providing additional microphones, projectors and screens. The key to making a rental work-as well as typical, repeated load-in/load-out mobile DJ use-is gear that can stand up to punishment. Elite Screens now has a road-worthy option for DJs that is really rough and tumble.

Hands On: Elite Screens’ Kestrel Tension Motorized Screen

Hands On: Elite Screens’ Kestrel Tension Motorized Screen

Between the motorization aspect and widening of the screen, this product highlights how much more immersive a home theater can be with a 2.35:1 screen.

Electronic House/CE Pro Editor Arlen Schweiger takes a close look at the Kestrel.

For multipurpose media rooms, for example, clients might request both a fixed television display and a larger motorized projection screen that can disappear when not in use. For multiple aspect ratio viewing, there’s still plenty of reason to pitch customers on 2.35:1 setups that allow projectors to ...

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ProjectorReviews.com - Kestrel 80" Review


Elite Screens Kestrel 80" Diagonal Floor Rising Electric Projection Screen: Overview

By Mike Rollet, June, 2010

Elite Screens has developed a reputation for providing low-cost solutions for a multitude of projection screen needs.  This includes manual and electric pull-down screens of a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as fixed frame, whiteboard and portable screens.  Not stopping there, Elite Screens determined that there are conference room and home theater applications where a ceiling or wall-mounted screen is not practical.  The result was the creation of a new group of electric floor-rising screens, starting with the Kestrel screen series.

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Elite Screens Kestrel Series Series Projector Screen Reviewed

August 19, 2008

By: Andrew Robinson - Reviewer's System

Elite Screen's Kestrel Series is a fully electric, floor-mounted (or rising upwards vs. down) front-projection screen for applications where a traditional drop-down or permanently fixed screen is out of the question. It comes standard in Elite's own MaxWhite FG or fiberglass-backed surface for uniform picture clarity and can be ordered in various sizes and aspect ratios, ranging from 84 to 100 inches diagonally for both 4:3 and 16:9 content. Your decision on the screen size that's right for you will determine the overall dimensions of your Kestrel screen's piano gloss-finished casing.
The Kestrel ...

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engadgetHD - Kestrel

engadgetHD -Review: Elite Screens intros mobile electric floor-rising Kestrel

By Darren Murph


The VMAX Plus3 may be just the thing for home theater builders looking to set it and forget it, but what about projectionists on the run? Elite Screens' $2,199 Kestrel should be just the thing, as it comes in a highly portable package that enables users to erect a screen from the floor up with the press of a remote. Available in both 84- / 100-inch versions in either 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios, these screens boast a "mechanized cross-rising apparatus is driven by a tubular motor," and the built-in ...

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Spare Change's Shane Evaluates Elite Screens' Aeon (AR125WH2-WIDE) Cinemascope Matte White Fixed-Frame Projection

Spare Change's Shane Evaluates Elite Screens' Aeon Cinemascope Matte White Fixed-Frame Projection


  • Date: May 2019
  • Product: Aeon (AR125WH2-WIDE) Cinemascope Matte White Fixed-Frame Projection Screen
  • Projector: Sony VPL-VW695ES
  • Reviewer: Shane, Spare Change


(Click Image for Video)

Spare Change is a popular Youtube channel that gives in depth discussions for home theater enthusiasts about movies and tech that make our audio and video lives more enjoyable. Its host Shane gave one of the best descriptions in layman's terms of screen gain that I've heard. From there, he took an Aeon "Cinemascope" (AR125WH2-WIDE) matte-white ...

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Unbox Junkie Evaluates the Aeon (AR120WH2) Matte White Fixed-Frame Projection Screen

Unbox Junkie Evaluates the Aeon (AR120WH2) Matte White Fixed-Frame Projection Screen


Popular YouTube Channel Host Evaluates Elite’s Latest Concept in Projection Screens that Features an Aesthetically Pleasing EdgeFree® Design

  • Product: Aeon (AR120WH2) Matte white fixed-frame projection screen
  • Projector: Xiaomi Mija (UST) Laser Projector
  • Reviewer: Matt, Unbox Junkie


Recently, Unbox Junkie gave a superb and well-deserved review to another screen maker’s brand and it inspired us to reach out with a great idea. We approached Matt, Unbox Junkie’s host, to see if there would be an interest in showcasing a projection screen style ...

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TheMasterSwitch.com Names Elite Screens as Numbers 1, 3, and 8 of the 12 Top Projector Screen Brands of 2017

Did Brad Pitt’s head get really wrinkly or is that just your crown molding? If you have a projector but no projector screen, you’re getting subpar picture quality and are wasting a great machine. Even if your wall is a crisp, spotless white, any imperfection will be obvious when the Death Star looks more like a football than a moon. So. yeah, you need a screen, and there are a number of choices you'll need to make: wall-mounted screen or freestanding? Which size and aspect ratio? Manual or motorized? You can expect to spend anywhere from $60 up to $400 ...

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Aeon Series Product Review

  • Date:  April 3, 2017
  • Location:  Candela La Brea Los Angeles, CA
  • Product: Aeon AR180WH2
  • Installer: Omar
  • Projector(s) Used: Multiple projectors, ceiling mount


Large venues make up a big portion in commercial projection design. In addition to the necessity for a large screen surface, there are a lot of challenges as well. It has to look great, not good but actually deliver a phenomenal performance. It also needs to stand up to the effects of ambient lighting from a variety of sources which is abundant during  large venue presentations.  


In this case, Candela La Brea is one of the hottest spots in ...

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Fixed Frame Screen Product Reviews

Aeon AUHD Series Review

"Great product and a great company!"

Great screen, easily assembled, and excellent customer service! My order seemed to have an excessively long delivery time so I called Elite Screen and got Jesse. He did some research for me and found out there was a mix-up in the fulfillment, not by Elite Screen, and provided me a solution to get me my product quickly. He also talked to me about the product and I ended up getting a better screen. However, I undersized. So, my recommendation is GO BIG! I had it assembled in less than an ...

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Elite Screens' EPV® Lunette AcousticPro 4K by ANDREW ROBINSON

Lately I’ve been a bit outspoken about aspect ratios and the format most commonly referred to as anamorphic or 2.35:1. While many of my recent comments have been viewed as “attacks” against the aspect ratio or format, I insist they’re anything but. But in order to better understand maybe it’s best if I start at the beginning.

2.35:1 is in reference to an aspect ratio that has become popular among filmmakers the world over for its wider than 16:9 (or 1.85:1) field of view Read More

Lunette Series - Home Theater Magazine

At one time, two of my favorite Los Angeles–area theaters were in Westwood: the Village and the National. The Village had, and still has, a huge, flat screen. The National (tragically closed and torn down in 2008) had a gently curved one of about the same size. While the Village had the more awesome audio, I always preferred the subtly more immersive visual presentation at the National. For that and other reasons, I’ve always wanted to try a curved home theater screen but generally considered them poor values. Enter Elite Screens, whose retractable Osprey design I reviewed in these pages ...

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Stereowise Plus (R100RV1) "WraithVeil"

Stereowise Plus is an Audio-Video (AV) website that gives insightful feedback on the latest and best  in consumer electronic product and industry trends. It focuses on product evaluation while promoting awareness of  high tech items and their value to AV consumers. Jeff Roy and his team had a chance to go over our ezFrame fixed projection screen with its Award-winning WraithVeil rear-projection material.

Elite Screens ezFrame 100 Inch Fixed Frame Screen Review

More and more people are bringing the movie theater to their home. Front projectors have come down in price significantly, and now one ...

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Lunette Discovery News Article

AV expert and professional writer, Scott Tharler takes a close look at the Lunette curved-frame projection screen on Discovery News.

(see full article)

Widescreen Review - Lunette Series

Elite Screens Lunette

Curved Projection Screen
Doug Blackburn

For the last seven years, Elite Screens’ primary focus has been on home theatre screens with high-performance-to-cost ratios. Elite Screens’ secondary markets are government, house-of-worship, educational, and military. The Lunette screens combine Elite’s high-performance CineWhite® screen material with curved extruded aluminum frames. The reviewed 106-inch diagonal Lunette 2.35:1 Lunette screen has an MSRP of $1,129 (frame model Curve106WH1). The 100-inch diagonal model (Curve100WH1) is currently the most popular Lunette screen size and has an MSRP of $1,029. There is also an acoustically transparent option offered at $1,299 MSRP for the same curved ...

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ELECTRONIC HOUSE -Review: Elite Screens' ezFrame Screen

This screen looks and performs better than its price tag suggests.

September 16, 2010 | by Arlen Schweiger

As much as you’d love a $20,000, four-way, motorized masking, curved CinemaScope screen for your theater, that’s a daydream for most. However, for less than a tenth of the cost you can still own a rock-solid projection screen.

The EZ-Frame screen products from Elite Screens look like they cost a whole lot more than they do, and their performance is on par with that. If you’re debating flat-panel TV versus projection, consider ...

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CEPro Review - ezFrame

August 2010

CEPro - Projection Value for Clients

Product Review: Elite Screens' ezFrame

Stereowise Plus - ezFrame Review

Elite Screens 100 inch 16:9 ezFrame Review

Stereowise Plus

By Jeff Roy, January 3, 2010

When it comes to home theaters with front projectors, the quality of the picture starts with your projector. But the quality of the end result will depend on your screen. Just as the quality of projectors vary, so do the quality of screens. While you wouldn't use a $2,000 screen with a $1,000 projector, it is too easy to use a $200 screen with a $2,000 projector. It is possible to get a good quality screen for a fairly cheap price that will not degrade the quality ...

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Elite StarBright™ 7 High-Gain Projector Screen

March 23, 2009 - Bill Livolsi, ProjectorCentral.com 

Traditionally, if one needed to use a projector in a room with a lot of light, the answer was to get a brighter projector. But what if one could instead get a brighter screen? Elite's StarBright 7 is a new 7.0 gain screen material that helps bring lower lumen output projectors into the light of day.

The StarBright™ 7 works by taking the light from your projector and reflecting it back at a narrower angle. As a result, the StarBright™ 7 gives you a significantly brighter picture if you're sitting in the "sweet spot" where all the reflected ...

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ezFrame AcousticPro1080 Fixed Frame Projector Screen Review

1/17/09 - Art Feierman, ProjectorReviews.com

ezFrame Fixed Frame AcousticPro1080 Projector Screen Overview

Back last February ('08) we reviewed Elite's Home2 Series Fixed Screen with Acoustic white surface. We gave that screen a Special Interest Award, rather than our normal Hot Product Award. This was due to certain limitations of the screen, that limited the number of potential users. That particular weakness was the lack of a dark backing resulting in too much light passing through the acoustic screen material, and, when a light surfaced wall is behind the screen, light reflected back through the screen, washing out the image. The screen did ...

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Elite Screens ezFrame Fixed Frame Projection Screen Reviewed


Elite Screens ezFrame Fixed Frame Projection Screen Reviewed

October 27, 2008

By: Andrew Robinson - Reviewer's System

When I initially got into front projection, my first screen was from a little-known company called Elite. Why did I choose to buy Elite way back in the day, fresh out of college? Simply put, it was cost. After weeks of research, prior to buying my meager entry-level Epson projector, Elite was the only company that made a 120-inch electric screen for under $500, which, when you think about it, is somewhat astonishing. The truth is, everything Elite makes is super-affordable and geared towards ...

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Five Screens for Under $500 - Elite ezFrame CineWhite®

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Bill Livolsi, May 2, 2008 ProjectorCentral.com


Elite EZ-Frame White

Elite is a well known name in screens, with a reputation for quality products and reasonable prices. Our test samples included two 100" fixed frame screens, with one in white and one in gray. They came in smaller boxes than expected - it turns out that the long horizontal crossbar is actually two pieces which join in the middle. Unpacking was simple, so ...

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ezFrame High Contrast Gray, Fixed Projector Screen Review

Elite ezFrame High Contrast Gray, Fixed Projector Screen Review:

I initially reviewed the first "version" of this screen over a year ago when it first reached the market. In my initial findings (read the review) this screen represented the least expensive commercial high contrast grey screen available, and overall, a good value. It did, however, also have a major shortcoming, and that was a visible hot spot in line with the projector. Now, hot spots, to the best of my knowledge, cannot be 100% eliminated, even on the best screens, and high contrast screens are more sensitive than ...

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Just Doin' Life Reviews Elite Screens’ Reflexion Series & ezCinema 2 Portable Projection Screens

Projector Used in the Evaluation: Sony a6300 & Sony a5100

Projection Screen Used: Reflexion (FM110H) & ezCinema 2 (F107XWH2) Portable Projection Screens



YouTube Channel AV Expert, Antwan of Just Doin’ Life Evaluates Elite’s New Lines of Reflexion (FM110H) & ezCinema 2 (F107XWH2) Portable Projection Screens

What good is having a great projector if you don't have a great screen to project on? Just Doin’ Life’s Antwan, checks out the Elite Screens ezCinema2 107” 16:9 (F107XWH2) & Reflexion Series 110” 16:9 ( FM110H ) portable projector screens and demonstrates their value.

Just ...

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Portable Screen Reviews

"Well worth the money"

Currently using this CineGrey 3d screen with an optoma gt1080 short throw.
Yes, short throw. I know it's not recommended but I see absolutely no problems. No glaring, oversaturated spots, etc. The projector is only a little more than 4' away from the screen. In the pictures I have the celling fan light (literally a few feet away from the projector) on, as well as 2 table lamps and a reading lamp. If that doesn't speak for the ambient light rejecting (alr) properties of this screen I don't ...

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AudioGurus Reviews the QuickStand 5-Second Series

Product: QuickStand 5-Second Series
Website: www.audiogurus.com
Reviewer: Clint DeBoer

When the QuickStand 5-Second Projection Screen was announced late last year, I knew this was our solution. The QuickStand 5-second series takes the original QuickStand concept and adds even more functionality, resulting in a free-standing “pull-up” stage projection screen that can be taken up and down in—you guessed it—under 5 seconds. The screen is available in various sizes and aspect ratios that are perfect for for large group presentations. The screen utilizes innovative dual cross spring scissors that lift the screen, a Greenguard® Gold ...

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REVIEW: Elite Screens QuickStand 5-Second Series

Church Product Review: Elite Screens QuickStand 5-Second Series

Product: QuickStand 5-Second Series

Magazine: Church Production Magazine

Reviewer: Mark Hanna

Review: Projector screens have a long and sordid history in churches. Not that long ago a church that had a projector screen was “cutting edge.” However, today having a projector screen in church is almost, dare I say, a requirement. Also, more and more churches are going portable, for both main site and multi-sites. Anyone working or volunteering in a portable church knows the importance of time—and gear that saves time. For these people, an investment in anything that saves time is always a good investment.

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ezCinema (F100NWH) Review by Devindra Hardawar of Engadget

How I fit a 100-inch projector setup in my NYC apartment

Reviewer: Devindra Hardawar of Engadget
Product: ezCinema F100NWH

You could call me a bit of a movie fan. I own hundreds of Blu-rays and DVDs, see an obscene amount of movies in theaters and have been podcasting about my obsessive media habits for the past eight years. Movies aren't just mindless fun for me; they're a way of life, a religion. So it was only a matter of time until my 50-inch plasma HDTV started to feel too small and the siren song of an ...

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Gamer’s Dream: Elite Screens ezCinema Plus 100” on LanOC Reviews

Gamer’s Dream: Elite Screens ezCinema Plus 100” on LANOC Reviews

LANOC Reviews is a website specifically for gaming, gaming hardware and LAN parties. They started by hosting LAN parties and moved into reviews in March of 2008. They give an opinion from a gamers point of view because they are gamers!They put the ezCinema Plus F100XWH1 through its paces and it came through with flying colors.


Click here to see the full review.

Elite Screens Quickstand Portable Projector Screen Review

Elite Screens Quickstand Portable Projector Screen Review
By Clint DeBoer

Superbowl parties have changed the way I entertain. Well, really, my job as a home theater reviewer changed the way I throw Superbowl parties. Or maybe I just like big screens and rowdy outdoor gatherings. In either case, this year saw the debut of the Elite Screens QuickStand Portable Screen. With this screen came the standard CineWhite® screen material as well as the Wraith rear projection screen material we had spec'd to use for this year's game. I expected big screen entertainment. I expected ease of setup. I expected a ...

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ezCinema Plus Review by GamingShogun

ezCinema Plus Projection Screen Review by Gaming Shogun

Elite Screens ezCinema Plus series represents a new paradigm in how people setup their projection screens. While the idea of a pull-up screen has been around for awhile, Elite has done it like no one else by way of a “scissor” style skeletal system along with pneumatic pistons to hold the armature in place. The result is an extremely easy to use projector screen that also has great portability. The model we received to review, model F100XWH1, features a 16:9 screen ratio of 100-inches diagonally and has a 49×87-inch viewable area.

The screen itself is ...

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ProjectorCentral.com - PicoScreen™

ProjectorCentral.com’s Jeff Janas put Elite’s PicoScreen™ tabletop projection screen through its paces and here is what he had to say: “For less than $100, the PicoScreen™ gives a consistent display surface that is easy to take anywhere. The quick and easy setup and take down make it practical to use as a temporary screen for the kids or to bring along for an ad-hoc office presentation. After spending some quality time with the Elite Screen, I'm convinced this is a no-brainer accessory if you frequently use a portable or pico projector.” (see full review)

ezCinema Plus - SECRETS of Home Theater

12/26/2008 - Ross Jones, hometheaterhifi.com  

Affordable Projectors for Non-Dedicated Home Theater Rooms - Mitsubishi HC5500 & Elite Cinema Screen 


I am continuing my journey into the world of affordable front projector systems, with a special emphasis on systems that are suitable for multi-use rooms. My first foray, the Sanyo PLV-Z2000, was a success. But I didn’t have anything to compare it to, at least in my own home environment. Now comes the first challenger, the Mitsubishi HC5500, another affordable 1080p projector. These projectors use the same basic display technology (LCD panels), so provide a pretty good apples-to-apples comparison.

Since the goal of the series ...

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ezCinema Series, 80-inch 16:9

I have recently completed a review of the Optoma DV11 Home Entertainment projector. This product integrates a DVD player and stereo speakers into a projector and makes for the type of entertainment system that can be pulled out and assembled, at will, in a living room setting. The perfect screen to complement such a system would be durable, portable and equally easy to pull out and set up. Elite Screens ez-Cinema systems match that description perfectly. What makes this such a compelling product, in the complementary ease-of-use and low price point. With a retail price of just $249 for an ...

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Residential Systems John Sciacca Reviews the Yard Master Electric Tension Series

Residential Systems John Sciacca Reviews the Yard Master Electric Tension Series


  • Product: Yard Master Electric Tension (OMS135HT-ELECTRODUAL) - 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • Projector: Epson Home Cinema 3800 4K PRO-UHD
  • Reviewer: John Sciacca, Residential Systems
  • Review: Click Here


As we approach summertime, many people start thinking about outdoor entertaining; perhaps even more so now after they have been cooped-up indoors for an abnormally long period of time! And when social distancing guidelines are finally over, what better way to get back to normal than by throwing an outdoor party with a giant movie presentation ...

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Yard Master 2-Way Outdoor Projection Screen Reviewed and Wins Stereowise Plus Editor's Choice Award

Yard Master 2-Way Outdoor Projection Screen Reviewed and Wins Stereowise Plus Editor's Choice Award


  • Product: Yard Master 2 Dual
  • Reviewer: Stereowise Plus
  • URL: (Full Review)



Elite Screens Yard Master 2 Dual 120" Outdoor Projection Screen Review

When you want to entertain, watching a movie can be a lot of fun. But if you have a large group, that movie may need to be done outside, like in your backyard. If that’s your plan, you’re going to ...

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PC Magazine Reviews the DIY Wall 2 (DIYW135H2)

PC Magazine requested a well made, cost-effective outdoor theater screen for a review. Elite's DIY Wall 2 Series is an excellent way to create many summertime memories.

PC Magazine's M. David Stone approached us for a cost-effective outdoor projection screen that is the easiest solution to be set up or packed away with a minimal amount time or effort. The DIY Wall 2 is the perfect answer for such a request.

Have a look at the review below and read the full content on the PC Magazine link. We have an extensive selection to choose from and the DIY Wall 2 ...

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Outdoor Screen Reviews

Pop-up Cinema Series Review

"good quality screen for movie projection"

Large, good quality screen for movie projection. Easy setup and durable.
-K Wood
From an Amazon.com Customer Reivew
Pop-up Series
Model Number: POP84H?

Yard Master Series Review

We knew we needed a durable screen that could withstand the desert elements for our Desert Outdoor Movie Pop-up Party, so after researching online and reading reviews, we went with the Yard Master, Model # OMS150H from Elite Screens. It was the only screen that seemed to ...

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Jeff and Jenafer Roy Review the YardMaster Outdoor Projection Screen and it made excellent marks

Yardmaster (OMS100H) outdoor projection screen review by Stereowise Plus

Jeff and Jenafer Roy Review the YardMaster Outdoor Projection Screen and it made excellent marks

Video has come a long way. I remember the days when IT guys would bring home the business projectors to watch movies on the family room wall. Our first projector was a business one with a sheet! This was about 20 years ago.  Not only have projectors been perfected for home theater, they have also made their way to the outdoors. Up for review today is an excellent, portable outdoor screen ...

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Editor's Choice: Elite Screens' Yard Master Outdoor Projection Screen

Online Link: http://geekbeat.tv/editors-choice-elite-screens-yard-master-outdoor-projection-screen/

Editor's Choice: Elite Screens' Yard Master Outdoor Projection Screen

October 16, 2013 By John. P

Elite Screens is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high quality video projection screens. And now, they offer a take-anywhere line of screens that are even appropriate for outdoor use! They call them “Yard Master”! And we call them, Editor’s Choice award winners!

Yard Master Options

Elite Screens' Yard Masters are available in 100", 120", 150", and 180" sizes (now up to 200") with prices ranging from $175 - $650.  The 120" model we tested is currently selling for $199 ...

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Insta-DE Series at the Annenberg Innovation Lab - USC

New Insta-DE video installaed at the Annenberg Innovation Lab - University of Southern California (USC) 
Award Winning and GREENGUARD Certified Insta-DE Pliable "Whiteboard" Projection Screen Installed at USC's Annenberg Innovation Lab


Annenberg Innovation Lab, Los Angeles

  • Location: University of Southern California
  • Product: Insta-DE (IWB4x10HW)
  • Installer: Golden Star Technology Inc.

Notes: This was an installation of a full wall "whiteboard-projection screen" application. It can be trimmed to fit other sizes. No hot-spotting. Even lighting on the surface with side diffusion uniformity.

Product Descrption by Ken Peterson of Golde Star Technology...

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Rear Screens Reviews

Yard Master Rear Series Review

"Great screen and excelent portibility-This screen is of very good quality in my opinion, not that I can afford to purchase a bunch of these and compare them side by side. I have yet to test it outdoors but works great to set up inside for movie nights. I have found that I set up the frame, pull the screen over the frame, steam out the wrinkles with a fabric steamer and then tighten up the Velcro straps on the back to make the screen taught. That seems to work best so that you don't ...

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Accessories Reviews

12" Wall and Ceiling Hanging L-Brackets for Manual/Spectrum/VMAX2 series

"moving the screen back and forth is quick and easy for fine tuning your screens placement"

"These Elite screen mounting brackets are essentially what you would expect. Nothing fancy, they are just mounts. Comes with drywall anchors and other hardware for optional mounting surfaces. Since I was going into drywall, my interest was in anchor strength. I didn't quit trust the included ones with my expensive 110 inch electric screen and ended up getting Togglers from Lowe's.

Brackets have a powder cost finish. I ordered the 12 inch ...

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Elite Screens WB4X10HW free-standing solution Wins Editor’s Choice for Connected Home Australia

Elite Screens WB4X10HW free-standing solution Wins Editor’s Choice for Connected Home Australia

Since 2004, Connected Home has provided a voice for the Australian and New Zealand home automation integrator, and has prided itself on finding a balance of educational and inspirational content, helping local installers to build their businesses.