Introducing Manual Grande® the Large-Venue 180" Manual Pull Up/Down, Wall / Ceiling Projector Screen

Manufacturers have not focused on making non-electric retractable screens for large venues but there has been a strong demand for it and here's why

The Manual Grande® is designed to accommodate large group presentations and dwarfs other non-electric retractable projection screens currently available on the market today. Its manual operation incorporates a bead chain clutch system similar to the mechanism used in controlling large window drapes as seen in large resorts and other plus-sized hospitality settings. This is important because it gives more versatility in the screen's height settings.


In Addition to Cost, What Other Advantage Does It Have?

Although lower pricing is an advantage, the Manual Grande® fulfills a vital role in providing a retractable big-screen installation that does not require an electrical source. Various facilities may not be adequately wired to provide outlets for ceiling or near-ceiling attachments. This is especially true with precast concrete buildings and subterranean structures. A larger non-electric screen may also be more appropriate for use in thin-walled structures that have a limited weight tolerance and local code requirements may not permit the necessary wiring for this application.

An additional benefit is that the Manual Grande® is not dependent on a power source and has fewer moving parts. All this reduces the opportunity for a mechanical failure. The drop-retract mechanism is based on the same systems used in large window roller shades. This ensures that the product is more user friendly and durable enough to withstand many years of heavily repetitive use. Lastly, there is an aesthetic advantage in that there are no exposed wires on this product. (Click Image for Video)


Primary Features

• Large format non-electric retractable projector screen

• Bead chain clutch system allows up/down/stop at any point of rotation

• 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D Ready Matte White Material

• GREENGUARD® / GREENGUARD® Gold (UL 2818) certified

• Available in 4:3 & 16:9 aspect ratios


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