Evanesce Tab-Tension B CineGrey 5D® Wins the 2018 Hot Products Award from RPN Magazine


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Elite Screens is pleased to announce that its Evanesce Tab Tension B CineGrey 5D® has won the 2018 Hot Products Award by Religious Product News. The tech staff at RPN reviews many products over the course of the year evaluating the benefit of their applications in today's house of worship environment. The dynamic versatility of an ambient light rejecting material that is durable enough to handle the constant roll-up/down functions in an electronic screen played a key role in this product's success.

Many houses of worship are without total control over ambient light. In addition to this, there is a strong need for a moderately sized projection surface used in classrooms, conference rooms and smaller sanctuaries that can retract out of view when not in operation. The Evanesce Tab-Tension B CineGrey 5D® answers all of those requirements. The CineGrey 5D® material is GREENGUARD® certified for safe indoor air quality emissions. It is also ISF certified by the world renowned Imaging Science Foundation for accurate color points, color temperature and dynamic range. All this equates to a versatile, high-performance product that is safe for your church, home or commercial workspace.

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If you have any questions or comments, we look forward to your replies. Below are more details on this versatile and well-made screen.

-Dave Rodgers

Marketing Manager, Elite Screens Inc.

About The Evanesce Tab-Tension Cinegrey 5D®


The Evanesce Tab-Tension B Cinegrey 5D® is an electric projection screen designed for integrated "in-ceiling" installations. It utilizes Elite's Cinegrey 5D® ambient light rejecting material for superb performance with the lights on or off. The tab-tensioned material provides uniform flatness over the entire projection surface with superb color saturation, contrast and black/white dynamic range. IR/RF remote control package with 5-12 volt trigger included.


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