Thank You For Your Service. We Remember Your Sacrifice

The Elite Screens US Facilities will be Closed Monday, May 29, 2017 in Honor of Memorial Day.

In honor of those who gave their last full measure to a grateful nation, the Elite Screens US office locations will be closed in observance of Memorial Day. In addition to honoring our fallen Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen and Coast Guardsmen, our deepest sympathies go out to all the Gold Star families along with the assurance that we have not forgotten nor shall we forget.

Business will resume at normal hours on Tuesday, 05.30.2017.

Warm regards.


Dave Rodgers
Marketing Manager, Elite ...

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Case Study: Famous Los Angeles Venue Uses Elite's Aeon Large Event-Sized Projector Screens


Case Study: Famous Los Angeles Venue Uses
Elite's Aeon Large Event-Sized Projector Screens


Candela La Brea 2

(click image for Video)


Candela La Brea Demonstrates the Aeon AR180WH2 Screens at Their Large Event Facility.

Large venues make up a big portion in commercial projection design. In addition to the necessity for a large ...

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Case Study : Aeon CLR® Series- Phoenix, Arizona

Aeon AR100H-CLR “Ceiling Light Rejecting®”  Projection Screen Demonstrates How It Can Negate Bright Room Lighting to Deliver “Flat Panel” Performance in a Larger-Than-Life Size.


  • Date:  April 11, 2017
  • Location:  Phoenix, AZ
  • Product: Aeon CLR® Series AR100H-CLR
  • Installer: Individual “DIY” Home Theater Installation
  • Projector Used: Optoma GT-5500 (Ultra Short Throw)


Tell us about a project in which you used this product?
The CLR® projector screens present a fantastic element to residential media rooms in particular. In Phoenix Arizona, Thomas shows off the superb installation he created using an Optoma GT-5500 ultra short throw (UST) projector. It replaced the household TV screen with a larger-than-life image that enhances the ...

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Audioholics Visits Elite Screens at CES 2017 and Give a Great Feedback On The Value of ALR Projector Screens

Audioholics Visits Elite Screens at CES 2017 and Give a Great Feedback On The Value of ALR Projector Screens


Audioholics host Marshall Gutherie was giving his post CES 2017 analysis when the topic of bringing home the Big Screen and Elite’s name came up.  In the video, Marshall explains the latest trends in CE Retail and the advantages of an ALR projection system over a large flat panel display.  This is especially beneficial to gamers and households interested in replacing their TV panel with a larger-than-life display.


(Click image to view video)

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Case Study: Elite's Yard Master is Center Stage at Anza Borrego Event

SD Collective Hosts Desert Festival Featuring Elite's Yard Master as the Star of the Night's Entertainment

(Click image for Video)


Whether it's the holiday events upon us now or the coming Spring, outdoor projection screens have established their place as a vital centerpiece for the evening festivities. Recently, a successful desert festival in Southern California demonstrated how fun an outdoor projection system can and should be. The setup and take-down should be so effortless as to ...

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Commercial Integrator: How to Address Ambient Light and Make Screen Installs Shine

How to Address Ambient Light and Make Screen Installs Shine

Instead of thinking about a brighter projector lamp to fight ambient light problems, David Rodgers of Elite Screens says integrators should consider a specialty ambient light rejecting projection screen.

September 06, 2016 By David Rodgers

The term “ambient light rejecting” (ALR) is part of the AV industry nomenclature as a screen feature that prevents ambient light from washing out an image. There are AV purists who hate the use of the word “rejecting” and technically, they are correct in their objection.

ALR does ...

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Case Study: QuickStand 5-Second Series at University AME Zion Church in Palo Alto, CA

The Versatility of Mobile Projector Screens in Church Applications is Essential


Versatility is key with big screen displays in houses of worship. This is true regardless if it is for the large platform of a mega-church or the intimate surroundings of a neighborhood congregation. A dynamic product that can aid in numerous functions and have the mobility to accommodate multiple event scenarios is essential. The QuickStand 5-Second series has found its niche as a favorite for large group presentations and has become the ideal product for countless churches. It is designed to withstand the hard use of stage performances, ...

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PC Magazine Reviews the DIY Wall 2 (DIYW135H2)

PC Magazine requested a well made, cost-effective outdoor theater screen for a review. Elite's DIY Wall 2 Series is an excellent way to create many summertime memories.

BDo1M3MeAZtU2YsdDIEWn1DoR9Snr8-TM7rTqzHyp1QPC Magazine's M. David Stone approached us for a cost-effective outdoor projection screen that is the easiest solution to be set up or packed away with a minimal amount time or effort. The DIY Wall 2 is the perfect answer for such a request.

Have a look at the review below and read the full content ...

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PC Magazine Reviews the Yard Master2 OMS100H2 and Rear Projection Material

Just in Time for Summer, Read the Latest on the Yard Master2 Outdoor Projection Screen and What PC Magazine has to say about it.

Q120H2 AppPC Magazine's M. David Stone recently reviewed the Yardmaster2 in a 2-Part evaluation. Part 1 features the Yard Master2 with its matte-white front projection material. Part 2 covers its rear-projection material. As good as the reviews are, I wanted to save these for Springtime so that I may remind you of an essential outdoor product for the ...

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Case Study: Elite Screens at Laguna Playhouse

Case Study: Elite Screens at Laguna Playhouse

The historic theater in one of America’s most prestigious communities features
Elite’s ezFrame projection screen as a center-stage attraction through its nightly performances.

Elite’s dedication to superb performance specifications has resulted in the use of its product lines everywhere from celebrity home theaters to businesses, training facilities and government installations.  However, the best compliment may come from its use in the paradigm of performance standards, theater. Jim Prodger, the Laguna Playhouse Operations Director, has over 30-years experience in theater, film and television from ...

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