Elite Screens Hong Kong Facility Now Handling Middle East Sales

Elite Screens' Simon Tang. Takes the Helm of all Sales and Operations for the Middle East and Southeast Asia


ESHK Simon

Elite Screens Inc. is pleased to announce that its Hong Kong Facility will be handling all Middle East sales. Demand from Elite's rapidly growing customer base has compelled us to provide more options to our customers and this new facility is a great start.

The Elite Screens Hong Kong contact information:

Elite Screens Hong Kong Ltd.

HK: +852 6685 7333

China: +86 131 6875 4209

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Elite Screens Opens New Georgia Facility


(Click image for Elite Screens Office Locations) 


Elite Screens is opening a new Georgia facility to serve the Southeast United States territory. The Elite Screens Macon, Ga. Office will provide an additional 84,600 square feet of new office & warehouse space to help service our customers more conveniently by region.

This new facility will operate as the Southeast and Latin American hub for logistics & service support. The convenient location allows regional customers receive product within 2 business days for most ground services.

All of the ...

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Spectrum AcousticPro UHD Projection Screen Wins TWICE Magazine's 2015 VIP Award

Elite Screens is pleased to announce that it's Spectrum AcousticPro UHD acoustically transparent electric projection screen has won TWICE Magazine's 2015 VIP Award.

The TWICE VIP Awards give retailers and distributors the chance to honor the products that have made the biggest difference in their business. Voted on ONLY by retailers and distributors, the TWICE VIPs are based on product features, product design, and value to consumers.

The Spectrum AcousticPro UHD provides an incredible value with its 4K (UHD) and acoustically transparent capabilities coming in a motorized ...

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Introducing Manual Grande® the Large-Venue 180" Manual Pull Up/Down, Wall / Ceiling Projector Screen

Manufacturers have not focused on making non-electric retractable screens for large venues but there has been a strong demand for it and here's why

The Manual Grande® is designed to accommodate large group presentations and dwarfs other non-electric retractable projection screens currently available on the market today. Its manual operation incorporates a bead chain clutch system similar to the mechanism used in controlling large window drapes as seen in large resorts and other plus-sized hospitality settings. ...

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EPV® Peregrine 4K In Award Winning Case Study

It’s always a pleasure for a brand to be front and center for a high-end installation but it really is an honor to hear known industry experts speak so highly of your product. Recently EPV® had their Peregrine A4K (acoustically transparent UHD) projector screen installed by TYM Smart Homes & Home Theaters of Sandy, Utah as part of an award-winning integrated home project. There are beautiful installations and then there is mind-blowing excellence that wins The People’s Choice Award at the 69th annual Salt Lake Parade of Homes. Please take a ...

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Commercial Integrator: How to Address Ambient Light and Make Screen Installs Shine

How to Address Ambient Light and Make Screen Installs Shine

Instead of thinking about a brighter projector lamp to fight ambient light problems, David Rodgers of Elite Screens says integrators should consider a specialty ambient light rejecting projection screen.

September 06, 2016 By David Rodgers

The term “ambient light rejecting” (ALR) is part of the AV industry nomenclature as a screen feature that prevents ambient light from washing out an image. There are AV purists who hate the use of the word “rejecting” and technically, they are correct in their objection.

ALR does ...

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Projection Tip of the Month: July

Widescreen Cinema Aspect Ratios and Curve Screens
By Dave Rodgers  (Marketing Manager of Elite Screens & EPV® Screens)


Question:  “What is the Big Deal about Curve Projector Screens?”

What is Widescreen?


To understand why a home theater projector screen should be curved requires you to know a thing or two about aspect ratios.  Mainly, this includes the “Widescreen Cinema Standard” or to be specific, the 2.35:1 Aspect ratio.  Aspect ratios determine the screen’s shape. ...

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Projection Tip of the Month: June

Understanding Ambient Light Rejecting Screens
By Dave Rodgers  (Marketing Manager of Elite Screens & EPV® Screens)

Intro, “How exactly do ‘ambient light rejecting’ materials actually ‘reject’ an indirect light source and why do we love the concept?”


Ambient light allows us to see the world.  From the moment of our first breath to our final sigh, the waking hours of our lives are bathed in ambient light. Think of your best days under the sun; the warm rustic glow of candles and firesides, or the countless light bulbs ...

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Projection Tip of the Month: May

Projector Screen Acoustic Transparency
By Dave Rodgers  (Marketing Manager of Elite Screens & EPV® Screens)


Intro, “When using Projectors and Screens, are you more passionate about the Audio or Visual?”

There are many ways in which AV enthusiasts enjoy their home theater presentations. When referencing audio-visual enjoyment, I like to use the term aficionado because appreciation for the superior performance levels of high definition Audio and Visual gear is every bit as important as savoring a fine wine, relishing a sumptuous ...

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Projection Tip of the Month: April

ANSI Lumens, Foot Lamberts, & Image Luminance

By Dave Rodgers  (Marketing Manager of Elite Screens & EPV® Screens)



Arguably the most important element of creating a great projected visual display is in the combination of a projector’s brightness and a screen’s ability to adequately reflect light.  The overall result is known as Image Luminance. 

Simply put, if you want a good projected image, the image needs to be bright enough to be easily seen.  It sounds simple enough but there are various rules ...

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