Elite Screens® Aeon CLR® Honored with Sound & Vision 2017 Top Picks of the Year Award

Award: Sound & Vision 2017 Top Picks of the Year Award

Product: Aeon CLR® Series

Review Link: (Click Here)


The Aeon CLR® is an EDGE FREE CLR® fixed frame screen that uses Elite’s innovative StarBright CLR® (Ceiling Light Rejecting®) material. Its serriform optical surface lens microstructure negates the washout effect of ambient light especially from overhead sources. This also enables the material to provide contrast levels that are 100 times greater than that of standard matte white projection screens.


About the Award/Organization: Sound and Vision Magazine is one of the top ...

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EPV DarkStar eFinity UST Wins the 2018 CTA Mark of Excellence (Product of the Year) Award

Award: 2018 CTA Mark of Exellence Award

Product: DarkStar® UST eFinity

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The DarkStar® UST eFinity absorbs up to 95% of overhead light replacing flat panel TVs with a larger-than-life image. The ultra-short throw design allows high lumen projectors to maximize light output resulting in superior in picture quality, contrast, color temperature, diffusion uniformity, and size over costly 100” flat panel screens.


About CTA Mark of Exellence Award: The TechHome Division of the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has recognized the top projects and products/technologies ...

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Elite's Saker Tab-Tension CineGrey 5D® Wins the 2017 SVC Innovative Product Award

Award: 2017 SVC Innovative Product Award

Product: Saker Tab-Tension CineGrey 5D® Series

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Elite ProAV’s Saker Tab-Tension CineGrey 5D® is 1.5 gain ambient light rejecting (ALR) projector screen that comes in Elite’s Saker electric “roll-up” configuration. ALR projection screens enhance picture quality with brighter imagery and more defined contrast levels. However, its greatest value comes from its ability to counter the “wash out” effect of ambient light. The material is also ISF certified for its ability to achieve D65 color neutrality, superb contrast and dynamic range. A complete integration kit along with ...

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Elite's Starling Tab-Tension 2 CineGrey 5D® Wins the 2018 TWICE Picks Award

Award: 2018 TWICE Picks Award

Product: Starling Tab-Tension 2 CineGrey 5D®

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The Starling Tab-Tension 2 CineGrey 5D® Series is an electric motorized retratable projector screen that uses an Ambient Light Rejecting material. The retractable feature provides flexibility to mounting the screen without dedicating its designated location to exclusively one purpose. The ambient light rejecting material is formulated to sustain excellent color reproduction and contrast for enhanced picture quality in environments with little control over room lighting.


About TWICE Picks Award: The Twice Picks award winners are chosen anonymously by ...

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Yard Master 2-Way Outdoor Projection Screen Reviewed and Wins Stereowise Plus Editor's Choice Award

Award: Stereowise Plus Editor's Choice Award

Product: Yard Master 2 Dual

Review Link: (Click Here)


Stereowise Plus is a consumer electronics website that gives the ins and outs on the latest home, portable or automotive electric products and accessories. It's Chief Editor, Jeff Roy puts each review item through its paces then provides a detailed and photo-heavy analysis to help consumers determine the product's value.

When a product offers quality and performance that greatly surpasses the cost; Stereowise Plus recognizes it with their Editor's Choice Award.


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Elite's Yard Master 2 Dual Wins the TWICE Magazine's 2017 VIP Award

Award: 2017 TWICE VIP Award

Product: Yard Master 2 Dual

Review Link: (Click Here)


The Yard Master 2 Dual features its innovative “WraithVeil Dual” 2-way vinyl projection screen material. Use it as a traditional front projection display or project from the rear to eliminate the shadow effect caused by people walking between the projector and screen.  It can be set up in the middle of the event and with the added height of its optional leg extensions, to provide phenomenal picture performance in virtually every direction so that nobody ...

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Life Wire 2017 Best Overall Projector Screen

Award: Life Wire 2017 Best Overall Projector Screen

Product: Elite Screens ezFrame 135"

Review Link: (Click Here)


With 135 inches of total viewing space, Elite Screens ezFrame offers a 16:9 ratio that provides an outstanding viewing experience for any type of multimedia. As one of the top projector screen manufacturers, Elite Screens offers a display that’s good for both 4K Ultra HD and active 3D projection. Featuring a black anodized aluminum and full tension frame weighing 41.8 pounds, the ezFrame offers an easy setup (there are just six pieces to put ...

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Life Wire 2017 Best Small Room Projector Screen

Award: Life Wire 2017 Best Small Room Projector Screen

Product: Elite's Sable Frame B2 92"

Review Link: (Click Here)


Have limited space, but still want to watch on the big screen? Elite Screen’s Sable Frame B2 92-inch 16:9 frame is your best bet. With a total viewing space of 49.1 inches high and 80.2 inches wide, the B2 is capable of handling both Active 3D and 4K Ultra HD video quality with aplomb. The 160-degree viewing angle screen is easily set up with a tensioned rod and spring system that can easily be attached to a wall with included hardware. The excellent build ...

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Life Wire 2017 Best Large Room Projector Screen

Award: Life Wire 2017 Best Large Room Projector Screen

Product: Elite's Spectrum Electric 180"

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If you really want to go big, Elite Screen’s Spectrum offers a 180-inch, 16:9 4K-ready home theater motorized drop-down projector screen with more than enough screen real estate for any large gathering space. With a total view space of 88.3 inches high and 156.9 inches wide, there’s plenty of room to binge-watch the latest Netflix series on a screen that’s as close to your own home theater as possible. The 180-degree viewing ...

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Bestreviews.com “2017 Best of the Best”

  • Award: Bestreviews.com “2017 Best of the Best” (May 2017)

  • Product:  Elite Screens R120H1 ezFrame Series, (120-inch Diagonal 16:9, Fixed Frame Home Theater Grey Projection Screen)

  • Review Link: http://bestreviews.com/best-projection-screens


•120-inch Diagonal, 16:9 Aspect Ratio.

•View Size: 58.7" H x 104.7" W. Overall Size: 63.4" H x 109.4" W.

•Screen Material: CineGrey, 1.0 Gain. Multi-layer PVC, flat tensioned, lightly textured screen with 160 degree viewing angle. Designed for low contrast DLP and LCD projectors to enhance black levels while minimizing loss in color reproduction. 4K Ultra HD and Active 3D Projection Ready. Mildew resistant, ...

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