Wireless 5-12 Volt Trigger for Yard Master Electric | ZOMS-TR12V


The ZOMS-TR12V wireless 12-volt projector trigger is a small device that coordinates your Yard Master Electric outdoor projection screen with the projector and no wires are required.  It plugs into a projector’s “trigger output” port.  When the projector powers on, the wireless 12-volt trigger acts as a radio-frequency wireless remote and brings down the projection screen into the “open” position.  When the projector powers off, the trigger commands the screen to retract back into its casing.


  • Small plug-in device is easy to set up and synchronize to Yard Master Electric Series
  • Control distance up to 49 feet (15 Meters)
  • Projector Output Support Voltage: 11-15 volts
  • Control Type: ASK (Amplitude Shift Keying)
  • Compatible only with Yard Master Electric Series
  • Compatible with any projector that has a mini mono jack 12 volt trigger output port
  • Product Dimensions: Dimensions: 2.6” (L) x 1.4” (W) x 0.63” (H)
  • Weight: 13 grams


Series Name Compatibility
Yard Master Electric Yes
Yard Master Electric Tension Yes
12 Volt Trigger Diagram




Q: How do I synchronize the ZOMS-T12V Projector Trigger to my Elite electric screen?
For the instructional guide on synchronizing the ZU12V, please click here.

Q: After following the instructions on syncing the ZOMS-T12V to my screen, it only dropped 1” and it quickly deployed back in to the housing. How do I complete the syncing process?
 After the screen closes upon the initial syncing process, simply turn off the projector’s power cycle, and restart it again. When the projector turns back on, the screen will deploy to its fullest extent.


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