Case Study: PolarStar® at Buffalo Wild Wings (Feb. 21, 2014)

The PolarStar® by Elite Prime Vision® Brings
Superior Ambient Light Performance to Local S. California Sports Bar




Local Southern California sports bar needed a better solution for having a projection screen in an environment with high levels of ambient light. Their current screen was both costly and ill equipped to present any picture quality without being washed out by daytime lighting. Elite Prime Vision®, the dedicated CI product line for Elite Screens Inc., rose to the occasion with a product that provided both a superior projected image and a sustainable price point. Getting a projected image to shine with the same clarity of an LCD flat panel display is the gold standard of projection screen quality and EPV®’s PolarStar® accomplishes precisely that.


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There is already a huge demand for projection screens to counter the effects of ambient light in hospitality industry and it is growing by the day. Elite Prime Vision®, the dedicated CI/Integrator division of Elite Screens Inc. has produced a game-changing solution. Elite’s PolarStar® projection screens provide superior (ALR) ambient light rejecting performance. The material’s superb brightness and contrast are ideal for either home cinema or commercial applications. The 1.8 gain screen material uses a Silver-Gray textured reflective surface compound is also polarized to ensure the depth of use in 3D presentations with 92% retained polarization. All of this combined enhances higher contrast ratios and greater picture quality while playing in high definition video modes such as 4K, 1080P, 720P, WXGA and XGA formats.


A popular sports bar chain in Carson, California recently contacted our firm requesting a projection material to replace its current matte white projection screen. The results were stunning.  The PolarStar® both literally and figuratively outshined the existing name brand screen by eliminating the wash out effect and creating a bright, clear image.  The heavily windowed architecture admitted the high levels of ambient light during daytime use so the only solution was in Elite’s screen. The PolarStar® screen used in this project is a PST120H-F. It has a 16:9 (HDTV) aspect ratio and comes in a 120” diagonal size. With its superior ALR capabilities, the PolarStar® replaced  the existing screen from another a leading manufacturer. The undoctored photography testifies that even dark images as seen in the background and clothing of the featured image demonstrates LCD quality can be obtained even in an extremely well lit environment. With diagonal sizes up to 200” available, the Polarstar® is rapidly becoming a favorite with hospitality installations and the availability of various sizes ensure a suitable fit for any environment.

(*Note: Undoctored photograph of dark image shown in maximum daylight brightness. PolarStar® still gives the same performance of an LCD flat panel without the enormous cost of a 120” flat panel.)

About Elite Prime Vision®. “EPV®” is the dedicated CI division of Elite Screens Inc. Elite Prime Vision® is devoted to providing top tier solutions for today’s dedicated custom installer. It features a broad array of electric and fixed-frame projection screens with front or rear projection, acoustically transparent, ambient light rejecting and polarized 3D material options.

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