Front Projection Tip of the Month: September

Dressing Up Your Installation
By Dave Rodgers (Marketing Manager of Elite Screens & EPV® Screens)


Garden Grove, CA - September 1, 2015 - To "dress up" your electric motorized drop down screen's case, which is usually a drab black metal finish, grab a couple of L or U-brackets (depending upon how your screen is mounted) and an appropriate length of wide (aka tall) crown molding and hide it from view that way.
If your room doesn't have crown molding along the top of your room, then a simple cut to size piece of MDF painted to match your wall color ...

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August: Tips on Educating your Sales Staff

Tips on Educating your Sales Staff
By Dave Rodgers (Marketing Manager of Elite Screens & EPV® Screens)


Garden Grove, CA - August 1, 2015 - The huge drop in projector & screen prices has created a noticeable increase of everyday CE Retail customers wanting their own big screen home theater. What was once a luxury only the privileged few could afford is now available to virtually everyone. The simple reason is that a projector and a screen ranging in size from 100-150” can be obtained at a fraction of the cost of an 80” flat screen TV.  Retailers are scrambling ...

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Clarity and Sharpness

Garden Grove, CA - July 1, 2015 - Front Projection Tip of the Day: To achieve the utmost clarity and sharpness from any front projector, be it an LCD-based model or DLP, you'll want to avoid using and/or applying any keystone correction within the projector when aligning it to your screen. Keystone correction impacts your projector's ability to present you with the sharpest image it can, despite it being useful for many users.
You should always endeavor to mount your projector so that the lens is ...

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Installing a false wall to avoid holes in your walls

Garden Grove, CA - June 1, 2015 - If you're a renter but still want the big screen experience in your own home without having to drill or punch holes in your walls, consider making a false wall out of 1x2s and pressure fitting (squeezing) them between your floor and ceiling. It's surprisingly easy and if you wrap the panels with fabric they're light weight and stylish too. Here are some photo examples of false wall panels that I created for such a scenario. If you want the wall ...

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Acoustically Transparent Screen

Garden Grove, CA - May 1, 2015 - One of the best ways to approximate the commercial cinema experience in your own home is to employ an AT, or acoustically transparent screen, that allows you to place loudspeakers behind the screen itself -just like in a commercial theater.
You can place speakers behind your AT screen either by using in-wall speakers, or by building a false wall out into your room that allows for you to put traditional speakers behind a screen while still keeping ...

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Enhancing contrast

Garden Grove, CA. April 1, 2015- To enhance the perception of contrast beyond your projector's settings and/or your choice in screen material, try darkening the wall behind or surrounding your projection screen. You can accomplish this by using paints (flat paint finishes are best), fabric(s) or by better controlling ambient light. For even greater results, carry this methodology onto your sidewalls, floor and ceiling if possible.

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How to Select a Projection Screen Material

Video Description: This video discusses three major types of projection screen materials and how to select the right one for your home theater.


How to Achieve a Brighter Image in Rooms with High Ambient Light

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Space-Saving Tricks for Large Projection Systems

Garden Grove, CA. April 21, 2014- Dave Rodgers offers space-saving tricks for large projection systems. 

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