Calvary Church of Santa Ana



New testimonials video for the ezCinema Series from Calvary Church in Santa Ana


Hooters of Costa Mesa



New testimonials video for the ezFrame Series at Hooters, Costa Mesa, CA.

IGAME4, NY (Video)



Testimonial: F80NWH ezCinema, IGAME4.


"A beautiful site to behold" 

Colors are more vivid, gives my projector more total adjustment range for all types of viewing sources,easy install ,perfectly flat surface, it itself is a beautiful site to behold on the wall of my home theater room,it says watch me!!

-Dan Neely - Ames, IA


Just a quick note to say WHAT A GREAT SCREEN I have from Elite Screens! Our small conference room is so much better suited for presentations with our powered Elite Screen. Thank you for a great screen at a great price.

-Mike Williquette, AL


"Quality and clarity" 

I was asked to represent the sound and audio committee and purchase a projection system for our church. We have been using the system for about 3 weeks now and enjoy the quality and clarity of the projection screen we received!

- Martha, NC - First Baptist Church of Whitnel


"Screen is beautiful, clean, professional, and so quiet"

"This is the best investment I have made so far when it comes to technology.  The screen is beautiful, clean, professional, and so quiet.  I plan on buying a few more of these for our conference rooms at work. Thanks ELITE SCREENS, you now have a customer for life!"

- Mena Gawargi - NJ


"You and your company are very well represented" 

To Whom It May Concern

I realize that in the customer service field you probably only get negative feedback and comments, but I'd like to buck that trend and tell you of a very positive experience I had with your company - specifically with one of your employees, Monica Del Castillo.
My wife and I purchased some equipment from It had a rebate offer associated with it. We purchased it at the last possible minute of the last possible day of the rebate, and when we went to access the rebate form(s) at the designated website, the rebate information had been removed.
We contacted, via email, your company to inquire about how we could still pursue the promised rebate and purchase the theater chair... Monica responded almost immediately and walked us through getting what we needed. When we asked about being able to purchase a second chair, she even advocated for us with upper management to make it happen.
The chairs arrived sooner than she told us and we are very please with them. Most of all, we are very pleased with Monica and the way she assisted us with our transaction. You and your company are very well represented to have her working for you! Not only should you do anything to keep her, but probably you should give her a raise or a bonus as well! 
Ok, maybe that's pushing it a bit far... we just wanted you to know how pleased we are with the way we were treated and our brief interaction with your company. We wish more businesses treated their customers in this manner.

Thank you again.
- Don Beatty


"very happy with the quality and design"

I am very happy with the quality and design of this screen thus far.
 - Douglas Allen - Tucson, AZ


"Very knowledgeable staff" 

"Very knowledgeable staff, install was preformed by myself not a professional, instructions were complete as was the mounting hardware, install itself was less than 30 min. plugged it in and it worked perfectly."

- Ray Reid - Irwindale, CA


"I have never been happier" 

"Gentlemen, Attached is a picture of my High Contrast Gray 100" diag screen in my small senior housing apartment. When I first heard of high contrast gray, I thought someone was nuts. I have owned several motion picture theatres and always used the highest gain sound screens possible. I have been a little disappointed with the contrast of some movies like "Sound of Music" which I once ran in 70 mm. Using my Optoma HD72 projector, the picture looked washed out. I decided to give your high contrast gray screen a try and what a difference. I have never been happier. The Elite screen was easy to assemble and the screen surface in perfectly smooth for a perfect picture. If you ever need a reference from an ex exhibitor, please use my name. As far as I am concerned, Elite screens are the finest bar none".

- Tom Gregory - Santa Rosa, NM


"quality screen  that was affordable for my budget"

"Just wanted to write and say thanks for making a good quality screen  that was affordable for my budget. It has taken my home theater to a whole new level and your product shows the finest example of quality workmanship."

Kevin G.


"I love the Elite screen that I installed"

"Just a quick e-mail to let you know that I love the Elite screen that I installed in our non-profit’s conference room.   I built a box to hold and surround it and lifted the box and the screen into an opening I had created in the ceiling tiles of the room.   The screen is quiet when the motor starts and comes to a  stop easily.  I am very, very happy with the screen and its wireless controller.
Thank everyone there at Elite Screens for an excellent product.   I would be happy to send pics if interested.

Michael W. - AL

"Working flawlessly every time"


  1.  Is your replacement screen in working condition?  Yes it's working flawlessly every time.
  2. Are you satisfied with the service you received? Very!  I was very pleased with the attention my case was given and the communication back and forth was always fast.
  3. Questions, suggestions, or comments?  When looking for a powered screen the EliteScreen came up often but at the same time it was overshadowed by the bigger names in screens.  I went with your screen due to price and the response I received from your customer service when I asked a question about the screen.  I had also read about your customer service being very responsive and easy to reach - it was no exception to that when I had an issue.  Thanks!



"Courteous and prompt... excellent customer service."

Dear Adrian,

I want to thank you for  replacing the defective remote control for the Elite screen that was purchased by the Church of the Nazarene, Titusville, Florida.  We received the replacement yesterday and tried it and it works perfectly.

I want to thank you for the courteous and prompt way in which you handled the replacement for us.  It is always a pleasure to do business with companies that have such good employees that provide such excellent customer service.


"DIYer Meets Modern Art Deco"

The Elite Screens acoustically transparent screen measures 120 inches diagonally, and is fed by a Panasonic PT-AE3000U projector. A false wall supports the screen and behind it are the front speakers and subwoofer of the Onkyo surround-sound system.  Model: R120WH1-A1080


Certificate of Appreciation

Southeast K9 Search and Rescue, Talahassee, FL.

Southeast K9 Search & Rescue, Inc.


Integrator Voices - Residential System Oct 2011


Austin Road Elementary School

Our school is not a title-1 school, therefore our school has very little funds to operate on.  
Elite Screens has greatly enhanced the classroom learning environment by donating 15
screens, which are utilized on a daily basis by our teachers and students.
Leon Jordan, PTO President
Austin Road Elementary School, Stockbridge, GA.


120" CineWhite® Elite EZFrame screen


I just recently purchased a new projector and the seller included a new in the box 120" Cinewhite Elite EZFrame screen. I currently have a 92" Stewart Firehawk. I set up the Elite to try it and liked the image with my new DLP projector.

- Jeff Brohman, FL


Aeon Series


"Just buy already!"

Awesome screen and worth the money! This was my first projector screen purchase as I was replacing my plasma tv. This screen is paired with the Epson 5030uBE. I was not sure whether to buy a super expensive screen ,or a really cheap one ,or middle of the road,etc. I was worried about buying this screen due to some of the reviews showing ripped edges and cheap quality, but they must have fixed that issue because my screen is great(Elite Screens Aeon, 100in, edgeless, white). It did take a good amount of time putting together as I was being careful and it was just me putting it together. The screen material is really stretchy and you may not think it will fit over the frame but I assure you it will.

The picture is amazing at night/in a dark room and is every bit as good, possibly better than my old plasma. I have no regrets buying this screen and no complaints. I would buy it again and would recommend to buy.

-Jeremy K.

Designer Cut Series

This is for the cinegrey3d, and since there is not one review on amazon for this material I figured I would write one. The ambient light rejecting aspects of the material is amazing, much better then carls place alr sample I have because it doesn't reduce the amount of briteness and in fact it makes the colors more vibrant and rich because it adds a much better level of contrast which is the one thing most projectors lack.. Trust me it's awesome and you won't be disappointed with it, the 3d is ridiculous. . I can only say how good it is with my projector which is an Epson 2040... Trust me it's pretty sick..



Model Number: ZRM-135H-CINEGREY3D

From an Customer Review

ezCinema Series


Just wanted to thank you for your wonderful products. We were looking for a "moveable" option for a home theater room (furniture gets moved around a lot in our house), and we came upon your tripod line of screens. We purchased a 120-inch one, love it, but we discovered we could also go quite a bit larger, as well. We purchased your 150-inch EZ Cinema pull-up screen and have had fun playing with it (and being in awe) all weekend. We can't get over how simple it is to use - set-up and tear-down take place literally in seconds. We appreciate the sturdiness of the case, as well - we simply leave it on the floor for now so it's ready to go again in seconds when we want to use it. Thank you again for your quality products - you have customers for life in us ! :)

- L.B. Colorado


ezCinema Series


I did quite a lot of research before purchasing a screen for my new Optoma projector. I live in a decent sized apartment and wanted a screen large enough to show off my new projector but not so large that it robbed me of floorspace. The EZ Cinema screen was the perfect choice! It is incredibly portable. I was worried that a screen this large would be difficult to move but it couldn't be easier. Everything rolls right up into the casing and latches securely. Total time to unpack/put away is about 30 seconds. The screen was packaged well and the build quality is top notch (especially considering the price). I am extremely happy with my purchase. I will definitely be purchasing another Elite Screen once I have the space to upgrade to the 100".



ezCinema Series


I purchased my screen for use at an outdoor event. We had a game console set up for a tournament in which the winners were playing for a brand new snowboard and a great pair of headphones. The screen worked great even in the bright conditions and allowed us to have a very interactive set-up. The competition got people very excited and engaged. We couldn't have done it without the great screen from Elite Screens.

-Chris Aiello
Product Manager, Headphones - Klipsch Group, Inc. | Jamo | Mirage | Energy


PicoScreen Series


"If you are reading this review, just buy this screen. If you decide on something else, you will regret it.It took me a bit of research to locate this screen, but I am very happy that I found it.

I was looking for a portable presentation system. I was originally planning on a small pico-projector. Most of the pico-projectors produced a small image or required a very dark room. The thought of 2 or 3 people crowding around a small pop-up screen, did not impress me as being a serious presentation. This type of system would not work with family or friends either.

I decided to get a 700 lumen LED pico-projector and this screen in the 45 inch size. This ended up being a larger system than I originally planned, but it is still very portable. This screen is extremely easy to set up and produces an excellent picture. This produces a good picture for small groups (maybe more, depending on seating etc.). The room does not have to be very dark to produced a good, vibrant image. When people see the picture on this screen, it,s WOW. This is where the WOW factor comes in. because it is that impressive.

I like that this screen does not need a tripod or a large table to use. The screen can be adjusted to any height so that if you are showing a wide screen picture, you can just pull up the screen to fit the picture with no extra screen showing. The base is stable when used indoors, but would not work outside if there was a breeze. Very few other screens would work outside, but this screen is so easy to use that you get tempted to do this because of the convenience of using this screen."



From an Customer Review 

PicoScreen Series

Model Number: PC45W


Tripod Series


"The crisp images that come from this super-reflective screen have significantly improved the quality of my presentations, especially ones I make in well-lit rooms. Very easy to set up and closes firmly so I don't have to put up with dangling legs. A nice update to my presentation tool kit."

Paul L Hutton


From an Customer Review

Tripod Series 

Model Number: T71NWS1


ezCinema Series 

"Exactly as described. Hight quality at a low price. It'll last years and it only seems heavy if you're an unusually frail person (regardless of gender). Based on its size it's actually quite light. It's obviously going to require care when carrying due to its length so that you don't clobber someone accidentally but that's as expected with large equipment such as this. Anyway I love it for my professional presentations at work, as I regularly address large audiences and my kids and guests love it in the backyard during barbecues to project movies and music videos onto (really adds a cool element to any outdoor party). One of the best purchases I've ever made! ...I repeat....One of the Best purchases I've EVER made!"

Johnny Bravo


From an Customer Review

ez Cinema Series 

Model Number: F84NWH


Tripod Series 

"After buying a new BenQ projector, I had to replace my old Da-Lite silver screen which served me well for 15-years. Its glass beaded coating created a silk screen effect that deteriorated the picture quality. I wasn't sure of the largest sized screen that would fit comfortably in a 12x12 room, so I rented a Da-Lite Versatol tripod from a camera store. It was the matte white version with a 1.0 gain. I was struck by how pancake flat the picture appeared; plus, it caused for an overly warm picture hue in which I personally do not like.

So I ordered from Amazon the Elite screen hoping for better results. And to my surprise, it reflected a perfect picture. The images really popped out with Elite's 1.1 gain. It had beautiful depth and contrast to the images with a more natural color hue. The Elite also performed better with ambient light; and the added bonus was its ability to swivel the screen around so that it can be positioned near the back wall. Da-Lite couldn't do that. That's a huge plus within a small room as you gain nearly 2-feet of distance for a bigger picture. Well, who knew there was a big difference between the screens? I found out by accident."

Rich Vergo (The Jersey Shore)


From an Customer Review

Tripod Series 

Model Number: T85UWS1


Tripod Series 

"This screen is awesome and it got here super fast!! I'm very impressed. I can't believe it was priced so I can afford it. Ready to watch some Seahawks Superbowl Victory action!! Thank You!! *the photo is a daytime shot... the screen makes the image even brighter and more vivid than projecting onto a white wall* :)"


tripod review pic




From an customer review

Tripod Series

Model Number: T100UWV1

QuickStand 5-Second Series


"Super fast screen setup, really is a 5 second setup."

"This projector screen is the absolute easiest and fastest screen I have ever used. Works exactly as you would expect, just open box and lift screen out. The accordion style structure in the back pops up and allows adjustment to any height between minimum and maximum.

TIP: This will not work with a short throw projector as it is not tensioned like the framed screens that were discontinued.

Keep in mind that this thing with the case is as long as the width of the screen. I was not able to get mine into my building as we don't have a freight elevator, so its staying in the garage."

-Kalen von Olnhausen

Evanesce Series at Laguna Beach Residence

June 2014: Testimony by homeowner, Paul Parker:

"We decided upon getting the 126" Evanesce, in-ceiling projection screen and my family and I love it. The screen is amazing. The quality is just astounding; it brings everything to life; the colors are very vivid and its just like being in a movie theater. It's absolutely awesome. My wife loves it because its invisible when we are not watching anything. It just folds into the ceiling and you don't even know its there; so she loves it.

Our living room, it just looks like a regular living room, and then when we are ready to watch a movie, the screen comes down and it's super smooth and we're ready for movie night".


CineTension2 Series


"I ordered the TE106HW2-E24 model with the extra 24" black drop, but Amazon sent me the regular TE106HW2 by mistake. Fortunately, I don't actually need the extra black drop for my installation, I just wanted it for flexibility in case I change the location or move to a new house. So I kept the TE106HW2.


The screen arrived doubled boxed, with very good foam padding, the packaging is very impressive and minimizes the possibility of shipping damage.


This screen comes fully loaded with all the options most people would ever need:

  • The Screen in CineWhite 1.1 gain with tab tensioning
  • IR Remote
  • RF Remote
  • Wall switch
  • IR receiver/extender dongle
  • 12-volt trigger with dongle
  • mounting brackets, screws
  • a really nice bubble level

It really amazes me that it comes with all these options as most other "high end" screen companies sell you each one of these at an extra charge even though their starting price is several thousand dollars. The Cinetension2 is an AMAZING value in my opinion.


The mounting was very easy. My wife and I did it ourselves. The mounting brackets are very easy to install and come with all the screws you need. Also, the screen comes with three velcro straps tied around the screen box, this is very handy, you leave these on during the installation to prevent the screen's weight bar from flapping around during installation. The screen is not very heavy, but you do need two people to lift it up to the mounting brackets. The sliding mounting bolts are very neat in that you don't have to line anything up ahead of time, just lift the screen, hook the back to the bracket, slide the bolts into position, and tighten with a wrench... all very easy, and can be done in ~20min.


Whether you use the remote, the wall switch or the 12-volt trigger, the up and down motion is very smooth and relatively quiet and pretty fast compared to other brands (check out other brands on YouTube and you will see how slow they are!!). I'm using the remote at the moment, but intend to connect the 12-volt trigger to my projector. I found this handy wiring diagram for the RJ45 port


I have read reports that some people have received screens that have waves or are not perfectly rectangular. Luckily, I did not have any issues with mine. My screen surface has no waves, is uniform and perfectly rectangular. The tab tensioning works very well so far. The whole thing appears to be a high quality piece of equipment.

Watching movies:

Now this is where the fun starts. This is my first ever projection screen. I paired it with a Panasonic PT-AE4000 which I also bought here at Amazon. I have a 14' throw distance and ceiling mounted and 13.5' viewing distance. The first movie we watched was Avatar! It was absolutely amazing! The color, contrast, everything... just amazing.


I've only had the screen for a couple days, so it remains to be seen how it will withstand frequent use. But at this point, I see no reason to pay thousands of dollars more for the "high end" brands. I would highly recommend this screen to anyone."

Ixion, July 10, 2010


Model Number: TE106HW2-E24

Series: CineTension2 Series

From an Customer Review


Spectrum Series


"I have only installed the screen. It arrived on time with no issues. Packing materials protected the screen in shipment just fine and installation was very easy. With the help of a few large zip ties, I was able to easily install the screen completely by myself. I'm very pleased with quality of the screen, motor driven mechanics and remote. Next step.. watch a movie!"

-Christopher P. Kennedy


From an Customer Review

Spectrum Series

Model Number: Electric125H


Spectrum Series


"the screen fits so well in our church. Placed near the ceiling everyone can easily see the words to music. I like it very much and nothing bad to report. I would recomend this screen to anyone who needs a large movie screen."



From an Customer Review

Spectrum Series  

Model Number: Electric106X


CineTension Series


"Dear Customer Service, I would like to compliment you guys for a job well done on the way the 106" CineTension is packed and shipped. Also, the screen housing itself is build very well, very solid. I'm sure that when the time comes for me to hange it, it will work fine.Keep up the good work and thank you. And thanks to Projector People as well."

- Al P.


Home2 Series


"I just want to let you know that I am very pleased with the product I've purchased from you. I bought the 121" HDTV motorized screen model Home135IWH just before the new year and was able to show it off to my family members. They all thought that I had spent more than $2000 on this screen and were amazed when I told them that the price was a lot less than a thousand dollar. I've done a lot of research on the Internet before deciding to buy your product. I've compared screens from Da-Lite, Draper, Stewart, and Vutec and none of them comes close to your price. In the beginning, I was very skeptical about your product because I've never heard of your company before and not only that, the screens are made in Taiwan and China. Coupled with the fact that there weren't many reviews on your products and the pricing is just too good to be true, one would naturally conclude that your product is of poor quality. Thankfully, I live in Orange county, California and was able to drive to your site and test the screen out before buying it.The craftsmanship of this product, to my surprise, is excellent! ( I guess the notion that "any products made in Taiwan or China is of poor quality" does not apply to this product.) The casing is painted in enamel white and looks very elegant. The fabric is sturdy and does not look flimsy. Originally I was looking for a tab-tensioned fabric screen but after trying out your screen I was pleased that the screen comes down flat and does not look warped at all. The screen comes with both wired wall switch and a wireless remote. I hung my screen on the ceiling and have no use for the wired wall switch. It's a good thing that I have the option not to plug in the wired wall switch otherwise I would have a wire coming out of the screen running along the ceiling and attaching to the wall. That certainly would be a sore eye! So I only use the wireless remote, which works great! I thought this review may help many of the customers out there who are shopping for a screen and was hesitant to buy your product because of the old myth that "if it's too good to be true....." I was one of those skeptical individuals, and I would not have bought your product without reading reviews from other patrons or testing it out before buying it. I was lucky enough to be able to drop by your store and have a first hand look at the product before buying it. Unfortunately, not everyone can do that and so this review is for them".

- Jim Tran, CA

Manual Series


This is my second Elite screen (the old one was a 92" Elite manual pull down). I have been impressed by both,
I think your screens are hands down the best available at a given price point.

- Barry Billmann - Huntsville, AL


Manual Series


"Boy, for a budget screen, I'm very impressed. I'm sure for more money you can get a better screen, but I don't think you could get a better screen for the money. We've used this in our basement as first time projector, first time screen buyers. It's great. The edges stay "curled" inward just a bit on the sides, but this is to be expected, I think, for a pull down screen. I don't notice it and friends who come over say they don't notice it either. Overall, good screen. I would definitely buy again."

-Phillip Beatty


From an Customer Review

Manual Series

Model Number:M120UWH2(M120XWH2)


Manual Series


"We love the movies but let's be honest, who can afford a family of 5 anymore?? Especially IMAX, its crazy! Now with this crystal clear, inexpensive screen coupled with an HD projector and blu-ray, our only commute is from the stove with popcorn to the media room! Kids can be as loud as they want, get up, etc and it won't disturb anyone. Other than being an absolute challenge to hang as it is very long and require heavy duty mounting supplies, it works awesome! PLEASE do not attempt to use the hardware that came with unit as it will rip right out of the wall as the screen is heavy plus when you pull on it, you add about 30-50#'s. (hence the big dent in ours now as it fell on top of the book case.) Go to Home Depot/Lowes or whatever you have and get hardcore wall anchors that support 150#'s+, you will not be disappointed. For a bit over $100, it is awesome, awesome, awesome! It does have a plastic/pvc type smell for a few days so we left it pulle down and opened the windows...ENJOY!"

-David London


From an Customer Review

Manual Series

Model Number:M150UWH2(M150XWH2)

Insta-DE Model: IWB4x10HW

Insta-DE Installed at the University of Southern California at the Annenberg Innovation Lab.
Model: IWB4x10HW (4pcs) - Wall covering installation

OMS180H1 - Yard Master Series


"I bought this for an outdoor movie theater. It works beautifully and really makes an outstanding impression. Nice reflective screen gives really crisp picture. It comes in a very heavy professional box with rollers :). It requires a large clean area to set it up, because this screen is absolutely huge. Metal tubes are labeled with sticky labels with numbers (that peel off). One person simply can't assemble it (I usually ignore this advice when I buy things requiring two people to build, but trust me, one person just can't). It's about 12 feet tall and 16 feet wide when assembled. Threading the pipes through the fabric screen sides seems simple, until you try to connect them under tension. Because the fabric is tight, you need two people, one to apply substantial tension pulling the pipes apart just enough to snap them together (without pinching and cutting the fabric...or your fingers). Two people needed to stand it up and put it in its support feet. Anchor ropes/ties and weights are needed to keep the wind from blowing it over while one person holds it up. Took one hour to assemble with two very focused people, so don't have a backyard party and start the setup during the party. Not sure how it holds up in the rain. Kind of dread setting it up and having to do a rapid take-down due to rain or wind. Because of the difficulty in setup, I sadly can't say I look forward to using it very often, but I do love it."



From an Customer Review

Yard Master Series 

Model Number: OMS180H1

OMS120HR2 - Yard Master 2 Rear Series

Honestly, I should be a bit more hush, hush about this screen, but happy to report that it has been a great purchase.

I am in the A/V and DJ business and around this type of gear on a regular basis (Da-lite, Draper . . etc/
For the price I decided to give it a shot and utilize it for family and/or business outdoor movie nights.
Knock on wood, but I am exceptionally pleased with this item. The Wraith Veil screen really makes the image Pop.
I am using a 4500 lumen Projector (Vivitek DW868) and have run Blu-ray and standard DVD with success.

Grant it that I do this type of a thing for a living, BUT believe that the average home user will have little to no problem
putting this together.

1) Fold out the screen frame and make sure all buttons are clicked into place.
**Tip - do not push the corner braces tight until you have the screen on
2) I personally put the screen on next - snap one corner, then the opposite and work around
3) Keep front of screen facing up.
4) Add Legs and flip front legs up so that the leg and screen are at a right angle L
5) Get helper to lift screen on leg and lock back let into place

**Do utilize the black contrasting borders to help align your image**

Cons - The frame, although more robust than expected, this is not as sturdy as a Da-Lite or Draper screen.....however it's at 1/4 the cost
and with a little care should last for many years.

Amazon Customer
Yard Master 2 Rear Series
Model Number: OMS120HR2
From an Customer Review