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Elite fixes the inevitable problems all manufacturers face.

Elite Screens' Blog Team

Elite Screens' Blog Team

Our service team fixed a minor but inconvenient problem for one of our customers.  Although all manufacturers must face and address small issues, we understand how much of a big deal it is to the individual customer.  This led to some operational questions that our team member Johnny was happy to walk the customer through.

*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy.   An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number   to “Customer”.



4:00:00 PM                 Johnny - Thank you for contacting Warranty department, how may I help you?

10:41:56 AM       Customer - First, my unit didn't come with the IR receiver adapter OR the IR controller. It only came with the RF remote. The RF remote works, but I wasn't able to add the screen to my Harmony One universal remote without the IR equipment. I submitted a ticket to Elite Screens that my unit didn't come with those items, and they sent them to me, at no charge, right away. I got them two days later. Which is awesome customer service. 

10:42:33 AM       Customer - The second thing that wasn't so great is the instructions on how the screen works. I wanted to be able to raise the screen to a specific height, mechanically. So it would stop where I want it without me needing to hit the 'stop' button on the remote

10:43:06 AM               Johnny - I’d be glad to assist you.  It’s called a vertical limit switch.

10:43:14 AM       Customer - can you send me documentation on how to do this

10:43:48 AM       Customer - ..for the kestrel floor rising

10:44:23 AM               Johnny - Yes, this is an easy one.

10:44:23 AM       Customer - sorry, not home right now so dont know the model number

10:45:01 AM               Johnny - That’s fine, I already have the link for you to use  on how to limit the bottom black masking on your screen.

10:45:07 AM               Johnny -

10:46:37 AM               Johnny - is there anything else I can assist you with today

10:47:52 AM       Customer - Also, how do I incorporate the screen rising with my projector - Panasonic

10:48:23 AM               Johnny - Some of our electric floor screens can accommodate a 12v trigger feature. It coordinates the screen operation with that of your projector.  I’ll need the serial number to see if your screen accommodates one.

10:49:50 AM       Customer - It just came with that remote that’s shown in the PDF file you sent

10:50:23 AM               Johnny - An easy way to see if your screen has this feature is to consult the user guide. You wouldn’t need to get the SN# then.

10:51:05 AM       Customer - OK, I will get that info and then contact you again if I need to. Thanks for your help

10:51:19 AM               Johnny - I’m glad to help.

10:51:21 AM               Johnny - Either my colleagues or I will be glad to assist you. 

10:51:23 AM               Johnny - have a great day

10:51:36 AM       Customer - you to

10:51:47 AM               Johnny - thank you, warm regards.