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My Remote Controls Don’t Work

Elite Screens' Blog Team

Elite Screens' Blog Team

Whenever operating any kind of electrical device, if ever there’s a tech support call, it typically involves the wireless remotes.  For this reason, any manufacturer’s service team should be fluent in addressing this issue with answers that work. Service team leader Jaime, got to the source of the problem and arrived at a solution that saved the customer from losing any further time, money, or patience. The discussion below has great information on troubleshooting a remote for virtually any product.

*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy.   An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number   to “Customer” or a generic name.



4:00:00 PM                Jaime.l - Thank you for contacting Elite Screens Technical Support. This is Jaime; how may I help you?

9:57:57 AM         Jennifer - Hi, we have 2 remotes for our electric screen and neither is working.

9:58:16 AM         Jennifer - I followed this link showing how to check if the IR (infrared) remote and the remote does work.  Pretty sure the other remote works too.

9:58:29 AM                Jaime.l - are they IR (infrared) and  RF (radio frequency) remotes?

9:58:46 AM         Jennifer - yes

9:59:06 AM                Jaime.l - you may need to resync them to the screen and I can assist you with that.

9:59:12 AM                Jaime.l - is there power to the screen now?

9:59:16 AM         Jennifer - Model is a: zsp-RF-W

9:59:18 AM                Jaime.l - have you checked the outlet?

10:00:06 AM       Jennifer - The outlet to the screen? Maybe a dumb question, but just wanted to double check if I plugged it in.

10:01:20 AM              Jaime.l - Yes, sometimes the outlets go unchecked. It’s not a dumb question to verify what I wanted. I was assisting an electrical engineer and the only problem was that his screen was unplugged so you’re doing just fine.

10:01:27 AM       Jennifer - Ha ha, yes the screen is plugged in.

10:01:27 AM              Jaime.l  - Okay, I just wanted to confirm the connection. Sometimes the breakers go out but let’s move forward with what we have.

10:01:42 AM              Jaime.l - If there is power, then you may need to resync the remotes

10:01:57 AM              Jaime.l - First, turn the remotes over and tell me what version number they are

10:01:06 AM              Jaime.l - are they V1.4 or V2.0?

10:01:23 AM       Jennifer - V3.0

10:01:40 AM              Jaime.l - Okay, you have the newer versions. That’s even better.

10:01:58 AM       Jennifer - I will check the breaker also. The outlet is actually in our ceiling I think

10:02:32 AM       Jennifer - We bought it and set it up a few years ago.

10:02:39 AM              Jaime.l - In case there is power, follow these easy instructions:

10:02:46 AM              Jaime.l - 1. Unplug your screen from the power outlet.

2. Hold down the UP button on your RF remote.

3. While holding the UP button, plug the screen back to the power outlet.

4. Wait 5 seconds and then release the UP button.

5. Now you can use your RF remote.

10:03:42 AM       Jennifer - I will try that right after I reset the breaker.

10:04:44 AM              Jaime.l - Okay, I’ll wait.

10:06:47 AM       Jennifer - Yes!  I reset the breaker. Double-checked the wire connection and did the remote resync.   Works perfect with the RF.  Just checked the IR and that works too.

10:04:53 AM              Jaime.l - Good to hear that. If you have any further trouble, you can reach me through

10:04:59 AM       Jennifer - Thanks so much Jaime, you’re the best.

10:05:04 AM              Jaime.l - It was my pleasure to be of assistance. Thank you for choosing Elite Screens.