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Selecting a Manual Screen from Scratch

Elite Screens' Blog Team

Elite Screens' Blog Team

You’d think that buying a manual projector screen is a simple task but it really isn’t.  Just like any other projection screen, never be afraid of asking questions about your installation. This customer is looking for the best deal (as he should) and is concerned about having the right screen size to match his throw distance.

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*The discussion below is based on actual chat transcripts with the omission of any personal/confidential material to protect the customer’s privacy. An example in this case is to change the contact’s identification name/number to “Customer” or a generic name.



4:00:00 PM                Johnny - Thank you for contacting Sales department.  This is Johnny, how may I help you?

10:06:13 AM              Johnny -

10:06:13 AM       Joseph - I am trying to decide on which projector screen to get. – Non-electric.

10:06:53 AM       Joseph - Projection is 60 high by 103 wide give or take

10:07:19 AM       Joseph - I am looking at the Elite Screens Manual, 120-inch 4:3, Pull Down Projection Manual Projector Screen with Auto Lock, M120XWV2

10:07:21 AM              Johnny - Okay, would you prefer fixed frame or retractable?

10:07:43 AM       Joseph - Manual – retractable what is the width on the sides, the black matting is it 3 inches on each side ?

10:08:11 AM              Johnny - That model has a viewing HxW of 72x96".  Here is a screen calculator that I use for determining a projector’s throw distance:

10:08:43 AM       Joseph - And is the black edge matting part included in the actual 96 by 72 measurements?

10:08:50 AM              Johnny - No the 72x96" is the viewing surface size only. The black masking is 1.5 inches on either side. There is up to 4.5 inches of masking on the top.

10:09:18 AM       Joseph - I figure I can deal with up to 4 inches on each side as (Elite Reseller) has it for sale with two day shipping at a good price.

10:09:40 AM       Joseph - Unless the matting is part of the 96

10:10:43 AM              Johnny - yes the screen will have about 1.5" of side black masking but the viewing width of the screen will definitely be 96" Overall material width is 99 inches.

10:11:32 AM       Joseph - so the 96 inches wide is all white no black masking for sure 100%?

10:11:40 AM       Joseph - Okay, good.  And when buying a projector and screen, I have made sure they are both 4:3 and always make sure the aspect ratio matches, correct?

10:11:41 AM              Johnny - Yes that’s correct

10:12:13 AM       Joseph - do you have any sales that can beat the reseller I’m looking at?

10:12:23 AM              Johnny - It sounds like you have a good deal but you can see our Where to Buy link for price shopping.

10:12:40 AM              Johnny - we dont price match with our online resellers

10:13:09 AM       Joseph - ok thanks one more question sir

10:14:01 AM       Joseph - which is a better, this model or the previous Elite Screens Manual B, 120" 4:3, Manual Pull Down Projector Screen 4K / 3D Ready with Slow Retract Mechanism, 2 Year Warranty, M120V

10:15:20 AM              Johnny - both screens will use the same material. we just offer less sizes and case colors for the manual B series

10:17:22 AM       Joseph - do they both have slow retraction?

10:17:36 AM       Joseph - They do not list that in the description

10:18:15 AM              Johnny - only the manual B series has this feature

10:19:40 AM       Joseph - So the manual B is 118 and the other is 145, which should I buy?

10:20:06 AM              Johnny - I would suggest the manual B

10:20:41 AM       Joseph - There are some that have a specific feature broken, has this been an issue?

10:21:34 AM              Johnny - it was only on some screens. But if this issue occurs, we would take care of this under warranty

10:22:03 AM       Joseph - awesome thanks have a great day!

10:22:13 AM              Johnny - sure your welcome

10:22:30 AM              Johnny - thank you for your interest in Elite Screens, and hope you have a great day.