Coronavirus Updates

To our valued customers:

As COVID-19 affects a growing number of people in our state of California, Governor Newsom announced a “stay at home” order.
The Elite Screens California office will remain open for business Monday thru Friday from 8am – 4pm. Our sales team are all working remotely and available. Our sales team are all working remotely and available. Our Customer Service and Technical Support team will be available via our online chat or by email at
We have plans in place and the technology needed that will allow us to run our operations remotely if necessary.

Our ability to ship products has not been affected. We are receiving products weekly and shipments will continue to leave our Westminster, MD and Garden Grove, CA locations

Elite’s Top of the line Projection Screens are designed for all types of residential and commercial audio-visual applications 

Elite Screens offers an extensive range of roll up projector screens that are manufactured using the industry’s leading cutting-edge technology! These projection screen formats include manualelectric motorized, floor rising, in-ceiling, portable, and outdoor movie projection screens. Whether you are trying to create an elegant conference room or craft the ultimate home theater, Elite Screens is guaranteed to have the best solution for you! Elite has invested in the research and development necessary to produce and maintain their various lines of award-winning product. This means that all of our components-metal, fabric and plastic-are made to a higher level of quality than the projectors screens and projector mounts of their competitors. Recently, a major breakthrough in continuing their efforts to provide the best home projectors has been Elite’s production of ambient light rejecting (ALR) screens that are ideal for conditions in either day or nights! Materials, like Elite Screens’ CineGrey 5D® screen utilizes a multilayer polarized 3D surface that enhances brightness while enhancing contrast and color reproduction.

While other brands charge separately for accessories, Elite Screens provides their product complete. This includes IR/RF remote controls, 5-12v triggers, RS232 components, and adjustable vertical limit settings. By careful analysis of industry trends, Elite Screens has been able to provide the best home projection solutions that accommodate the individual needs of today’s consumers.

Projector Screens

As HD projectors are being incorporated into schools and universities, the education sales channel has seen a lot of growth in projector screen sales. Elite’s selection of whiteboard-projection screens is the ideal solution and their industry awards testify this. They can be utilized as a dry-erase writing surface during lectures and serve as a theater grade projection screen with matte white and ambient light options available. One of Elite’s signature projector screens is the Insta-DE2. The Insta-DE2 is a pliable dry erase whiteboard-projection screen that can convert entire wall surfaces. Its Versa White material delivers 1.1 gain brightness with a 180-degree viewing angle. As the best projector screen solution, this board is available in precut diagonal sizes of 84”, 97”, 105”, and 114”. It can also be cut-to-size with units available up to 723” diagonally which is 60.2” height by 720” (60-feet) wide. The extensive ranges of sizes of the Insta-DE2 are sure to accommodate virtually any classroom environment.

With so many good designs to choose from, Elite’s products and service team give you a lot for your dollar. The ease of installation combined with the variety of sizes and designs creates new possibilities for any installation.