Elite Screens Kestrel Series Series Projector Screen Reviewed

August 19, 2008 By: Andrew Robinson – Reviewer’s System Elite Screen’s Kestrel Series is a fully electric, floor-mounted (or rising upwards vs. down) front-projection screen for applications where a traditional drop-down or permanently fixed screen is out of the question. … Read More

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Home theater Magazine Review: Elite Screens Home2 Series

Project: Home theater Magazine Review:  Elite Screens Home2 Electric projection screen April, 2008 | by Adrienne Maxwell What’s keeping you from taking the front-projection plunge? Is it a belief that projection systems are still only for the rich and famous, … Read More

Home 2 series
Elite Home2 Series AcousticPro Projector Screen Review

Projector Reviews.com by Art Feierman 1-25-08 Overview Projector Screen Highlights: Acoustic screen material allows speakers to be placed behind the screen Relatively low cost for a motorized acoustic screen Require wall behind the screen is black or very dark and non-reflective … Read More

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