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  • Yard Master 2 Extension Legs

    Yard Master 2 Extension Legs

    The Yard Master 2 is a folding-frame outdoor projector screen that uses a light-weight folding aluminum framework. It is ideal for outdoor presentations but sometimes, the event requires a higher screen setting so that everyone present can easily see the big picture. The Yard Master 2 now has an add-on feature. These high-quality extended legs perfectly match the Yard Master 2’s design adding more than 27 inches of extra height. This provides a significant height advantage allowing your presentation to be seen in large group presentations at a greater distance.

    Features: Design & Assembly

    • Light-weight aluminum square tube construction
    • Detachable and foldable AT-legs design
    • Detachable leg extension design (for 58″ models)
    • Only compatible with Yard Master 2 and Yard Master 2 WraithVeil® Dual models
      • ZOMS2-LEGS-Z (90″ to 135″ Models)
      • ZOMS58H2-LEGS (58″ Models)
    • Simply swap-out existing T-legs and replace with Extension Legs
    • Assembles in minutes with no tools required
    • Increase the Yard Master 2’s screen height by 27”
    • AT-Legs provide additional support and stability
    • Ideal for applications that require a higher bottom viewing area

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  • Yard Master 2 Screen Material

    Yard Master 2 Screen Material

    The unique design of the Yard Master 2 Series allows for either front or rear projection material to be used. WraithVeil® Dual material now available for both front and rear projection.


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  • Yard Master Drape Kit

    Yard Master Drape Kit

    Elite Screens Yard Master 2 and Yard Master Plus models of outdoor projection screens make portable presentations a lot easier to set up quickly and take down just as fast. In addition to screen functionality, aesthetics still play an important role and the Yard Master Drape Kit provides just that. It is a black fabric, which comes in two seperate models (ZOMS2-DK and ZOMS2PL-DK), that can be fitted to the Yard Master 2, Yard Master 2 WraithVeil® Dual, and Yard Master Plus portable outdoor projector screens. Adjustable Velcro attachments will accommodate the full range of 90” to 180” screen sizes.

    *Drapes can be fitted to the noted sized models/products based on the chart below

    Elite Screens Series Compatible: Yard Master 2Yard Master 2 RearYard Master PlusYard Master 2 WraithVeil® Dual

    Design & Installation

    • Elegant professional-grade drape accessory for your outdoor screen
    • Velcro straps attach to the screen for an easy installation
    • Two models available: ZOMS2-DK and ZOMS2PL-DK

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