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  • Light-On CLR® 3 series
    Ambient Light Rejecting
    Ultra Short-Throw

    Light-On CLR® 3 Series

    The Light-On CLR® 3 series is a category of Ceiling Light Rejecting (CLR®) solutions designed to work only with Portable Ultra Short Throw Projectors that combat the wash out effect in bright ceiling light rooms such as classrooms or living rooms. The portable products are available in a 55” (4:3) tripod and 60” (16:9) folding-frame variant.


    Matte white screens are not meant to be used in rooms where light cannot be controlled. The projected images lose detail and contrast rendering the presentation unwatchable.


    The portable Light-ON CLR® 3 series use our innovative micro structured front projection material that is designed to absorb overhead light which results in retaining a contrast rich image.


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