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  • Saker Tab-Tension CLR® 2
    Ambient Light Rejecting
    Ultra Short-Throw

    Saker Tab-Tension CLR® 2 Series

    The Saker Tab-Tension CLR® 2 is a Ceiling Light Rejecting (CLR®) electric projector screen that features Elite Screens proprietary CLR® 2 front projection material. The CLR® 2 material incorporates a unique layered micro-structural compound that rejects ceiling and off-axis light and is compatible with ultra-short throw and short-throw projectors. This produces a clear image with enhanced contrast while mitigating the washout effects of ambient light. It comes in our Saker electric wall/ceiling “roll-up” configuration. It is tab-tensioned for true flatness over its projection surface. Standard accessories include Infrared and Radio Frequency remotes, a detachable keypad switch, and a 5-12volt wireless projector trigger.


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    ISF Certified