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  • Saker Tab-Tension
    Standard Throw
    Acoustically Transparent

    Saker Tab-Tension AcousticPro UHD Series

    The Saker Tab-Tension AcousticPro UHD Series is an acoustically transparent Ultra High Definition electric/motorized tab-tensioned projection screen. The AcousticPro UHD material is designed to complement in-wall speakers while allowing sound to pass through the material with minimal attenuation. Its tight perforated weave material allows a superior AT performance without sacrificing picture quality. Standard features include a wireless 5-12 volt trigger, IR/RF remote control package, and a detachable manual keypad switch.

    Note: Black masking borders are entirely made of the AcousticPro UHD sound transparent material.

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    NFPA 701 Certified