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  • Tripod B Series
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    Tripod B Series

    The Tripod B Series is a light-weight  portable projection screen of the traditional tripod design. It is a dependable design that is easy to carry for portable small or large venue presentations. Its adjustable telescopic support allows variable height settings to aid in formatting the screen into a variety of aspect ratios. The MaxWhite® 2 front projection material has a 1.1 unity gain with a wide viewing angle.


    *Below are examples of aspect ratios that can be achieved by adjusting the height position on a T113SB.

    • 60” height x 80” wide = 100” diagonal in 4:3
    • 50” height x 80” wide = 94” diagonal in 16:10
    • 45” height x 80” wide = 92” diagonal in 16:9
    • 34” height x 80” wide = 87” diagonal in 2.35:1

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