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  • Designer Cut Series

    Designer Cut Series

    The Designer Cut Series is Elite Screens selection of pre-cut projection screen material swatches. The swatches are prepared for use in custom solutions and other improvised installations according to the integrator’s needs.


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  • ezCinema 2 Series

    ezCinema 2 Series

    The ezCinema 2 by Elite Screens is a free-standing portable projection screen that offers even more features to CE Retail customers than our earlier model. It swiftly pulls up and retracts using a “scissor-backed” free-standing mechanism that requires no extra tools, accessories or effort. This is the perfect “projector screen in a box” for portable presentations on the go. The matte white material has a wide viewing angle and is masked on all 4 sides for enhanced aesthetics and visual contrast. The screen comes with a black backing to eliminate light penetration for brighter image fidelity.


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  • ezFrame Series

    ezFrame Series

    The ezFrame Series offers several screen materials models, including AcousticPro 1080P3 (sound transparent) and CineWhite®.

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  • Insta-RP 2 Series

    Insta-RP 2 Series

    The Insta-RP 2 Series is an adhesive Rear Projection Film that is self-adhesive for installations on storefronts or any applications requiring a rear projection system display.

    • Thickness : 80um±1um
    • Width :152.4 cm
    • Material : PET
    • Light Transmittance : 75%
    • Temperature Range : -10°C ~ 40°C


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  • Manual B Series

    Manual B Series

    Elite Screens’ Manual B Series is an ultra affordable, high performance, manual pull-down projection screen for use in the home or business. Its integrated mounting solutions allow it to be installed on the wall or ceiling suspended.

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  • Manual Series

    Manual Series

    The Manual Series features a wide selection of sizes and available aspect ratio formats make it the most complete line of Manual Pull Down screens. Most models are available in either a white or black case to fit your interior décor. Standard features include a lanyard for hard to reach applications, black-masking borders all around the entire viewing area, and a dual wall/ceiling mount design.


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  • Manual SRM Pro Series Z Type

    Manual SRM Pro Series

    The Manual SRM Pro features a “slow retract mechanism” for hands-free retraction. Its housing comes in a pearlescent aluminum white finish designed for wall/ceiling installations. The front projection materials utilized with the Manual SRM Pro, are our MaxWhite® FG and MaxWhite® 2. The materials have a wide viewing angle for residential or business presentations.


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  • Manual SRM Series

    Manual SRM Series

    The Manual SRM Series front projection screen has a special built-in Slow Retract Mechanism to allow a safe and quiet return to the screen’s housing.

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  • Sable Frame B2 Series

    Sable Frame B2 Series

    Elite Screens Sable Frame B2 series is the perfect choice for a stylishly sleek home theater experience. The Sable Frame B2 screens feature Elite Screens CineWhite® UHD-B, 1.3 gain front projection material in a 16:9 aspect ratio. Enjoy an ultra-flat projection surface accomplished by a spring tensioned system while the plush black velvet finish aluminum frame absorbs projector light overshoot. Sable Frame B2 easily assembles in minutes and is ready for installation using the included sliding wall mounts and installation kit.


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