Manual or “non-electric” pull down screens for projectors are both common and popular solutions as there are often cases where an available power source for the projection screen is not available. The Manual Series features a wide selection of rollup projector screen in various sizes, aspect ratios and formats make it the most complete line of manual pull down screens for projectors. Most pull down projector screen models are available in either a white or black case to fit your interior décor. Standard pull down screen features include options of standard, SRM (slow retraction mechanism), large venue models with bead chain clutch systems, or black-masking borders all around the entire viewing area, with dual wall/ceiling mount design. Manual projection screens will continue to play a big role not only in entry level but high dollar installations as well and with models that are even IP65 rated for outdoor use.

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  • Manual Tab-Tension 2 Series
    Standard Throw
    Ultra Short-Throw

    Manual Tab-Tension 2 Series

    Elite Screens Manual Tab-Tension 2 is a first-class manual pull-down projection screen with added features typically only found on a high-end products. It has a tab-tension system to keep the screen material flat along with hands-free retraction system.

    The housing is of aluminum construction, is moisture resistant and available in a white housing. A safety return feature that slowly retracts the screen into its housing with ease. This feature is convenient and provides added peace of mind.

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