Solved My Moiré Problem

I have the 100 inch version of the Elite Saker Tension with the Acoustic Pro UHD acoustically transparent screen, and it works perfectly in my media room. I recently upgraded my projector from an LG 75U to an LG PF1500. With the 75U, I used an Elite Spectrum 100 inch screen with the Acoustic Pro 1080p2 screen material. That screen worked great with the 75U, but with the new projector, I had a problem with moire on the screen. It could be minimized by adjusting the focus slightly, but that also softened the picture a tad.

Switching to the new Saker Tension with the Acoustic Pro UHD material totally eliminated any moire issue. I can adjust the projector focus for a razor sharp image without any unwanted image abnormalities. The mechanics of the new screen are similar to my old one…a nice quiet motor and a slow raising or lowering of the screen. The new one does have the side tensioning, which helps to keep the screen totally flat, along with a few more bells and whistles, like two remotes, one IR and one RF. The big difference for me though, is the better acoustically transparent screen material.

Model Number: SKT100UH-E12-AUHD

Scott Trindl - Amazon.com Customer Review