engadgetHD -Review: Elite Screens intros mobile electric floor-rising Kestrel

By Darren Murph

The VMAX Plus3 may be just the thing for home theater builders looking to set it and forget it, but what about projectionists on the run? Elite Screens’ $2,199 Kestrel should be just the thing, as it comes in a highly portable package that enables users to erect a screen from the floor up with the press of a remote. Available in both 84- / 100-inch versions in either 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios, these screens boast a “mechanized cross-rising apparatus is driven by a tubular motor,” and the built-in 5-12V projector trigger should come in handy as well. So much for taking the top-down approach, huh?

Kestrel Series Series