ISF – Imaging Science Foundation

The Importance of an ISF Certification

ISF endorses products that contribute to systems with “High Fidelity Video” through formal licensing programs. They have two licensing programs. One is based on compliance with standards for video performance and the other, ISFccc, is for HDTV products that are Engineered for Calibration.” Those products can be calibrated for their specific brand’s optimal performance for both Day and Night modes and will feature locking memories to insure that client’s investments in ISF calibrations are secure.

A projector screen’s ability to achieve a D65 color temperature is determined by its ability to maintain accurate color fidelity with a flat spectral response. In addition to this, proper contrast levels (or “black levels”) is essential for picture clarity.

 Essential ISF qualities found in certified projector screens

  1. Accurate color fidelity:
    This is a measurement of the projector screen’s ability to maintain the same RGB (Red-Green-Blue) color balance of the projector’s actual light signal.
  2. Flat (or “uniform”) spectral response :
    The material will maintain a neutral appearance without color cast even as the projector lighting changes. This is also a key element in achieving superb contrast ratios.
  3. Black level performance:
    This is a measurement of the actual black levels represented on the screen.  Superb black levels mean the difference between crisp color clarity and visible details in dark images or a murky image with dull color representation.

 “ISF works with the majority of projector manufacturers to deliver factory presets that are close to calibrated. Matching that preset with an ISF Certified screen provides the best option for those who do not have a calibrator on site during installation.  Many thanks to Elite Screens for delivering ISF certified screens with accurate color!”

– Joel Silver, President of the Imaging Science Foundation.

Elite Screens ISF Certified Screen Materials

“Elite Screens ISF certified screen materials deliver precise color fidelity that measures within mere thousandths of ISF’s NIST traceable Lambertian White Reference Standard”
– Joel Silver, President of the Imaging Science Foundation

Elite Screens ISF Certified Screen Materials

Elite Prime Vision ISF Certified Screen Materials