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“Great screen. Easy to install”

Starling Tab-Tension CLR® Series

packaged well. Straightforward install. Really like the trigger driven by usb, made the link between projector and screen super simple.
Picture quality is awesome and perfect for ultra short throw projector
B.G . – Shop Elite Screens Customer

it works, and it doesn’t break the bank

Spectrum Series
Model Number: ELECTRIC90X

a little background here…. I’ve installed hundreds of screens from cinema grey to cheap home owner crap. This one I have in my own house, not that its the best; but its up there in quality. First one I put in for a client amazed me because of the price. Looks plenty good and does its job. the sides do roll a bit but only by about 1″ each side hardly noticeable unless you scrutinize it. picture quality is great over all and all but the best projectors out there won’t be of any help, does a great job of being “a Screen” to project upon. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy this again for future projects and will recommend for those on a budget any day. Anything better will be twice the price and probably a fixed unit, not a rollup. thumbs up unless you have a nearly unlimited budget.
Jarod Pierce – Amazon.com Customer Review

I’m very pleased with quality of the screen

Spectrum Series
Model Number: Electric125H

I have only installed the screen. It arrived on time with no issues. Packing materials protected the screen in shipment just fine and installation was very easy. With the help of a few large zip ties, I was able to easily install the screen completely by myself. I’m very pleased with quality of the screen, motor driven mechanics and remote. Next step.. watch a movie!

Christopher P. Kennedy – Amazon.com Customer Review

Solved My Moiré Problem

Saker Tab-Tension AcousticPro UHD Series
Model Number: SKT100UH-E12-AUHD

I have the 100 inch version of the Elite Saker Tension with the Acoustic Pro UHD acoustically transparent screen, and it works perfectly in my media room. I recently upgraded my projector from an LG 75U to an LG PF1500. With the 75U, I used an Elite Spectrum 100 inch screen with the Acoustic Pro 1080p2 screen material. That screen worked great with the 75U, but with the new projector, I had a problem with moire on the screen. It could be minimized by adjusting the focus slightly, but that also softened the picture a tad.
Switching to the new Saker Tension with the Acoustic Pro UHD material totally eliminated any moire issue. I can adjust the projector focus for a razor sharp image without any unwanted image abnormalities. The mechanics of the new screen are similar to my old one…a nice quiet motor and a slow raising or lowering of the screen. The new one does have the side tensioning, which helps to keep the screen totally flat, along with a few more bells and whistles, like two remotes, one IR and one RF. The big difference for me though, is the better acoustically transparent screen material.
Scott Trindl – Amazon.com Customer Review

“I am very pleased with the product”

Home2 Series

I just want to let you know that I am very pleased with the product I’ve purchased from you. I bought the 121″ HDTV motorized screen model Home135IWH just before the new year and was able to show it off to my family members. They all thought that I had spent more than $2000 on this screen and were amazed when I told them that the price was a lot less than a thousand dollar. I’ve done a lot of research on the Internet before deciding to buy your product. I’ve compared screens from Da-Lite, Draper, Stewart, and Vutec and none of them comes close to your price. In the beginning, I was very skeptical about your product because I’ve never heard of your company before and not only that, the screens are made in Taiwan and China. Coupled with the fact that there weren’t many reviews on your products and the pricing is just too good to be true, one would naturally conclude that your product is of poor quality. Thankfully, I live in Orange county, California and was able to drive to your site and test the screen out before buying it.The craftsmanship of this product, to my surprise, is excellent! ( I guess the notion that “any products made in Taiwan or China is of poor quality” does not apply to this product.) The casing is painted in enamel white and looks very elegant. The fabric is sturdy and does not look flimsy. Originally I was looking for a tab-tensioned fabric screen but after trying out your screen I was pleased that the screen comes down flat and does not look warped at all. The screen comes with both wired wall switch and a wireless remote. I hung my screen on the ceiling and have no use for the wired wall switch. It’s a good thing that I have the option not to plug in the wired wall switch otherwise I would have a wire coming out of the screen running along the ceiling and attaching to the wall. That certainly would be a sore eye! So I only use the wireless remote, which works great! I thought this review may help many of the customers out there who are shopping for a screen and was hesitant to buy your product because of the old myth that “if it’s too good to be true…..” I was one of those skeptical individuals, and I would not have bought your product without reading reviews from other patrons or testing it out before buying it. I was lucky enough to be able to drop by your store and have a first hand look at the product before buying it. Unfortunately, not everyone can do that and so this review is for them.
Jim Tran – CA

The screen fits so well in our church.

Spectrum Series

the screen fits so well in our church. Placed near the ceiling everyone can easily see the words to music. I like it very much and nothing bad to report. I would recomend this screen to anyone who needs a large movie screen.
Slonimer – Amazon.com Customer Review

“I would highly recommend this screen to anyone ”

CineTension2 Series

I ordered the TE106HW2-E24 model with the extra 24” black drop, but Amazon sent me the regular TE106HW2 by mistake. Fortunately, I don’t actually need the extra black drop for my installation, I just wanted it for flexibility in case I change the location or move to a new house. So I kept the TE106HW2.
Packaging: The screen arrived doubled boxed, with very good foam padding, the packaging is very impressive and minimizes the possibility of shipping damage.

Features : This screen comes fully loaded with all the options most people would ever need:

  • The Screen in CineWhite 1.1 gain with tab tensioning
  • IR Remote
  • RF Remote
  • Wall switch
  • IR receiver/extender dongle
  • 12-volt trigger with dongle
  • mounting brackets, screws
  • a really nice bubble level

It really amazes me that it comes with all these options as most other “high end” screen companies sell you each one of these at an extra charge even though their starting price is several thousand dollars. The Cinetension2 is an AMAZING value in my opinion.

Mounting : The mounting was very easy. My wife and I did it ourselves. The mounting brackets are very easy to install and come with all the screws you need. Also, the screen comes with three velcro straps tied around the screen box, this is very handy, you leave these on during the installation to prevent the screen’s weight bar from flapping around during installation. The screen is not very heavy, but you do need two people to lift it up to the mounting brackets. The sliding mounting bolts are very neat in that you don’t have to line anything up ahead of time, just lift the screen, hook the back to the bracket, slide the bolts into position, and tighten with a wrench… all very easy, and can be done in ~20min.

Controls : Whether you use the remote, the wall switch or the 12-volt trigger, the up and down motion is very smooth and relatively quiet and pretty fast compared to other brands (check out other brands on YouTube and you will see how slow they are!!). I’m using the remote at the moment, but intend to connect the 12-volt trigger to my projector. I found this handy wiring diagram for the RJ45 port

Screens : I have read reports that some people have received screens that have waves or are not perfectly rectangular. Luckily, I did not have any issues with mine. My screen surface has no waves, is uniform and perfectly rectangular. The tab tensioning works very well so far. The whole thing appears to be a high quality piece of equipment.

Watching movie : Now this is where the fun starts. This is my first ever projection screen. I paired it with a Panasonic PT-AE4000 which I also bought here at Amazon. I have a 14′ throw distance and ceiling mounted and 13.5′ viewing distance. The first movie we watched was Avatar! It was absolutely amazing! The color, contrast, everything… just amazing.

Conclusion : I’ve only had the screen for a couple days, so it remains to be seen how it will withstand frequent use. But at this point, I see no reason to pay thousands of dollars more for the “high end” brands. I would highly recommend this screen to anyone.”

Ixion – Amazon.com Customer Review