It is essential for today’s school district administrators to practice sound spending against the constraints of tight budgets.  Elite Screens is a projection screen supplier dedicated to providing high degrees of quality and product availability at a highly accommodating price point.
Coose from a wide array of whiteboard projection screenslarge forum screens and portable presentation models suitable to meet the requirements of any presentation environment. Elite carries a large supply of award-winning product lines made in the most popular styles, sizes and aspect ratios. Electric screens come standard and fully equipped with all of the remote controls accessories required to immediately plug and play.
The WhiteBoardScreen Series screen is a dual White Board and a Projection Screen combined into one.  The Projection Screen surface utilizes a high 4.0 gain to allow lecturing while ambient light is on.  It is the perfect choice to help boost lumens output on projectors using the low lumens economy mode which also helps preserve the life of the lamp. The Spectrum Series is a Plug & Play Electric/Motorized projection screen which includes an Infrared remote, 3-way manual switch, and a 5-12 volt trigger cable as standard accessories.

Elite Screens offers a ENR-G® Discount Program for Government, Education, Military and Religious organizations. The ENR-G® Discount Program is available on most products and only through participating authorized resellers. If you have any questions or for more information, please call 877-511-1211 or email though Contact Form . (If inquiring outside the US & Canada, please see our Elite Global Contact List and contact your local branch)