How to Select Your Projection Screen

Here are a few quick tips to help you pick the right projection screen for your application

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How much should you spend on your screen?

We recommend spending around 15-30 percent of your projector cost on the type of projection screen that would be the most suitable in matching the quality-to-cost ratio with your projector.

What type of screen is suitable for your projection environment?

Ceiling Ambient Light Rejecting Screens

  • CineGrey 3D® is a front projection ambient light rejecting screen material that is capable of rejecting up to 65% of ambient light.
  • Aeon CLR® is an EDGE FREE® ceiling light rejecting screen capable of absorbing up to 95% of overhead light. It’s designed to be used with table-top mounted ultra-short throw projectors. It can produce deep black levels in a controlled room environment for a true videophile experience.
  • Aeon CLR® 2 is an EDGE FREE® fixed frame screen with ceiling ambient light rejecting technology. It has a scratch-resistant front projection surface and can be used with tabletop mounted ultra-short and short-throw projectors.
  • Aeon CLR® 3 is a ceiling ambient light rejecting EDGE FREE fixed frame screen capable of absorbing up to 90% of overhead light.
  • CineGrey 5D® is a front projection material that is capable of rejecting up to 75% of ambient light.
  • Starling Tab-Tension CineGrey 5D® is a tab-tensioned electric/motorized screen for wall or ceiling external installations.
  • Evanesce Tab-Tension B CineGrey 5D® is an in-ceiling electric screen for concealed installation.
  • ezFrame CineGrey 5D® is a fixed frame screen with hand-wrapped velvet frame for use in residential or commercial environments where ambient light is a factor. Sizes up to 235” diagonal in 16:9.

Wall/Ceiling Screens

  • Manual Pull Down Screens are the typical entry level product. They are simple, reliable, and affordable and present a flat projection surface.
  • Fixed Frame Screens are generally for the dedicated home theater rooms although they do find their way into commercial installations as well. Most high-end professional installations prefer using this product line over the retractable projection surfaces. Our diagonal sizes range from 100″ to 200″ for a larger than life experience.
  • Electric/Motorized Screens are ideal for use with a concealed projection system allowing your media room to be used for other purposes as would be seen in a conference room, classroom or family room. Our product comes fully assembled ready to plug and play with all the accessories required to operate the screen. The diagonal measurements for our electric screens range from 100″ to 350″.
Manual Series

Pliable Screens

Insta-RP2 is an optical rear projection self-adhesive screen film suitable for commercial applications where a permanent rear projection display is needed.

Portable Screens

  • Tripod Screens are the most affordable portable projection screens. These are ideal for portable classroom, church congregation and large group home theater viewing.
  • Tripod Tab-Tension Screens have a tab-tension design to provide a flat and taut ripple-free image for portable presentations using ultra-short and short throw projectors.
  • ezCinema Floor Pull-Up Screens use a simple telescoping support that is able to be quickly set up and taken down for any portable presentation up to 150″ Diag.
  • ezCinema 2 Floor Pull-Up Screens have all of the virtues of the ezCinema with the addition of one crucial element. Its unique “Scissor Back” self-standing spring support allows the end user to pull up the screen to its desired level.
  • ezCinema Tab-Tension Floor Pull-Up Screens are nearly identical to the ezCinema 2 except that they have a tab-tension system to further improve the projection surface lay flat quality.
  • QuickStand 5-Second Pull-Up Screens are commercial grade portable large-sized screens that are ideal for large traveling presentations and tradeshows. It is encased in a ATA wheeled aluminum stage case for added durability during heavy travel and regular venue applications.
Tripod Series
Tripod Series

Outdoor Screens

  • Yard Master Sport is an ultra-light-weight portable projection screen. Its aluminum construction provides a conveniently sleek and trim solution for on-the-go presentations. It has a dual tripod/wall hanging screen design.
  • Yard Master 2 are our best-selling outdoor screens. They have a folding-frame design that sets up in minutes and are available in various sizes with front and rear projection materials.
  • Yard Master Plus  is an enhanced version of our portable outdoor folding-frame screens that allow for various height settings and available up to a 200” diagonal size.
  • Yard Master Manual  is a non-electric outdoor front projection screen that is IP65 certified for rain/water protection. Its retractable design is ideal for wall and patio installations as it brings media room quality in addition to functionality  to your outdoor spaces.
  • Yard Master Electric is electric/motorized outdoor front projection screen that is IP33 certified and includes a Radio Frequency remote long distance control.
  • Yard Master Electric Tension is a dual front/rear projection screen with a tab-tension system for superb image clarify from in-front or behind.
  • Pop-Up Cinema is a portable spring-framed fast folding projection screen for instant setup for outdoor environments.
Yard Master Sport Series
Yard Master Sport Series

Top Selling Elite Screens

Most Popular Screens

  1. 100″ Manual Pull Down Screen – 16:9 – M100H
  2. 120” Folding-Frame Outdoor Screen – 16:9 – OMS120H2
  3. 100″ Manual Pull Dow Screen 4:3  – M100V
  4. 120” Manual Pull Down Screen 16:9 – M120UWH2
  5. 125″ Electric Screen 16:9 Format – Electric125H
  6. 120″ Fixed Frame Screen 16:9 Format – SB120WH2
  7. 120” Fixed Frame Ambient Light Rejecting Screen – 16:9 – AR120DHD3
  8. 100” Ultra-short throw Ceiling Light Rejecting Fixed Frame Screen – 16:9 – AR100H-CLR
  9. 85″ Tripod Portable Screen 1:1 format- T85UWS1
Manual Series


  1. 200” Ambient Light Rejecting Fixed Frame Screen – 16:9 – R200DHD5
  2. 180” Electric Screen – 16:9 – Elecric180V
  3. 150” Electric Screen – 4:3 – Electric150V
  4. 180” Quickstand 5-Second Pull-UP Screen – 16:9 – QS180HD
  5. 150” Portable Screen – F150NWV
  6. 200” Electric Tab-Tensioned Dual Front/Rear Screen – 16:9 TE200HR2-DUAL
CineGrey 5D® vs Matte White Material in Ambient Light
ezFrame CineGrey 5D® Series


  1. 84” Manual Screen – 4:3- M84NWV (Small Size Classroom)
  2. 106” Manual Tab-Tension Screen – 16:10- MT106XWH2  (Mid-Size Classroom)
  3. 85” Tripod Pull Up – T85UWS1 (Portable Training)
  4. 119” Tripod Pull Up Portable – T119UWS1 (Portable Training)
  5. 106” Electric Screen – 16:10 – Electric106X (Mid-Size Room)
  6. 170” Electric Screen – VMAX170XWS2 (Large Conference)
  7. 120” Ambient Light Rejecting Fixed Frame Screen – 16:9 – R120DHD5 (Medium-size Clasroom)
Spectrum Series Lifestyle Setting (Black Case)
Spectrum Series

Home Cinema

  1. Premium Electric Screen – TE120HW2 (120″ Diag, 16:9 Format, IR/RF Remotes, Tab-Tension Electric)
  2. Premium Fixed Frame Screen -ER100WH1 (100″ Diag., Velvet Trim Fixed Frame, 16:9 Format)
  3. Multi-Application Electric Screen – VMAX100UWH2 (100″ Diag. VMAX Electric 16:9, IR/RF Remotes, 12V Trigger)
  4. Economy Line Electric Screen – Electric125H (125″ Diag. Electric 16:9, w / IR Remote & 12V Trigger)
  5. Acoustically Transparent Electric Screen – Electric125H-AUHD (125″ Diag. Electric 16:9, w / IR Remote & 12V Trigger)
  6. Manual Pull Down Screen – M100UWH (100″ Diag. Manual Screen 16:9 Format)
  7. Portable Indoor/Outdoor Movie Screen – F80NWH (80″ Diag. Ez Cinema Floor Pull Up Screen 16:9)
  8. EDGE FREE Matte White Fixed Frame Screen – AR120WH2 (120” Diag., 16:9, ISF-Certified)
  9. EDGE FREE Ambient Light Rejecting Fixed Frame Screen – AR120DHD3 (120” Diag., 16:9, ISF-Certified)
  10. EDGE FREE Ultra-short throw Ceiling Ambient Light Rejecting Fixed Frame Screen – AR120H-CLR (120” Diag., 16:9)

Portable Application

  1. Tripod Pull Up Screen – T85UWS1 (60″x60″ Budget Portable)
  2. Tripod Tab-Tension Pull Up Screen – T100UVW-PRO (60″x80″ Mid-Size Portable)
  3. Premium Floor Pull Up Screen – F110NWX2 (110” Diag., 16:1, Large-Size Portable)
  4. Floor Pull Up – F100NWH2 (100″ Diag., 16:9, Personal)
  5. Premium Floor Pull Up – F150NWV (150″ 4:3  Large-Size Portable)
Tripod Tab-Tension Series
Tripod Tab-Tension Series


  1. Wall/Ceiling Electric Screen – Electric150V (150″ Diag. 4:3 Format, IR remote)
  2. Wall/Ceiling  Electric Screen – STT120XWH2 (120” Diag. 16:9, IR & RF Remotes, 12V Trigger)
  3. Wall Permanent Fixed Frame Screen – AR165WH2 (165″ Diag. 16:9 Format EDGE FREE Fixed Frame Screen)
  4. Portable Screen – F150NWV (150″ Diag. 4:3 Format Portable Floor Pull Up Screen)
  5. Ambient Light Rejecting Wall/Ceiling Electric Screen – STT135UHD5-E6 (135″ Diag. 16:9 Format 66″x118″, IR & RF Remotes, 12V Trigger)
Spectrum Series Z-Type
Spectrum Series Z-Type


  1. Premium Tab-Tension Electric Screen – TE100HW2 (100″ Diag. Tension Electric 16:9 IR/RF, Trigger)
  2. Premium Tab-Tension Ambient Light Rejecting Electric Screen – STT120UHD5-E12 (120”,  16:9, IR/RF remotes)
  3. Ambient Light Rejecting Fixed Frame Screen – AR120DHD3 (120” Diag., 16:9, EDGE FREE, Standard-throw projectors)
  4. Premium Ceiling Ambient Light Rejecting Fixed Frame Screen – AR103H-CLR3 (103” Diag, 16:9, EDGE FREE, Ultra-short throw projectors)
  5. In-Ceiling Electric Screen – IHOME106HW2-E18 (106″ Diag., 16:9, IR/RF remotes, wall switch, 12v trigger)
  6. Manual Pull Down Screen – M100NWV1 (100″ Diag. Manual Pull Down Screen 4:3 Format)
Aeon CLR® 3 Series


  1. Portable Outdoor Folding-Frame Screen – OMS120H2 (120”, 16:9, carrying bag)
  2. Manual Pull-Down Outdoor Screen – OMS100HM (100” Diag, 16:9, slow-retract)
  3. Electric Outdoor Screen – OMS120H-Electric (120” Diag., 16:9, RF remote, 12v trigger)
  4. Electric Outdoor Tab-Tension Screen – OMS135HT-ELECTRODUAL (135” Diag., 16:9, 2-way projection front/rear, RF remote, 12v trigger)
  5. Portable Outdoor Folding Frame Screen – OMS180H2-Dual (180” Diag. 16:9, 2-way projection, height adjustable)
  6. Portable Outdoor Folding Frame Screen – OMS200H-Plus (200” Diag., 16:9, height adjustable)
Yard Master 2 Series Outdoor Application
Yard Master 2 Series

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