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“Reasonable price and very high quality”

Yard Master Plus Series

This comes in a very reasonably sized bag. The frame sets up easily and provides a lot of height adjustment. It is very nice to use both indoors and outdoors. The image quality and color are excellent.

The creases in the screen have diminished over time, but they are still there. They might bother a perfectionist, but they are an acceptable tradeoff for me, given the portability and lower price of this vs a tab tensioned manual screen made with the same material.

M. S. – Shop Elite Screens Customer

Yard Master Plus Series Review

“This is my second purchase of this screen.”

Yard Master 2 WraithVeil Dual Series

WOW…amazing speed on the shipping. It arrived as promised and was in time for a christmas gift. This is my second purchase of this screen. We bought one for ourselves and have LOVED using it all summer long as a covid relief for our kids and their friends with amazing backyard movies. Had to get another one for a friend as a gift as I know they will absolutely love using it outdoors
D. H. – Shop Elite Screens Customer

“Ordered the 120″ diagonal dual screen.”

Yard Master 2 WraithVeil Dual Series

Ordered the 120″ diagonal dual screen. Arrived in good shape and well packaged. Instructions are clear in how to set up and take down. It is light enough to carry around. The actual setup and take down is very easy! The folding legs and frame are super. Will look to get the leg extensions for use in other venues with taller ceiling. Have used it one time so far, but looking forward to a lot of use from it!
C. S. – Shop Elite Screens Customer

“Setup was simple and easy 10 minutes at most.”

Yard Master 2 Series

Setup was simple and easy 10 minutes at most. The screen material did have fold lines that did not affect the picture quality at all. I recommend if you are worried about it, let it sit a few hours completely set up and let it stretch itself out. Lines will always be there but in no way affect your quality. I have this one and the 120″, both quality products. Definitely recommend. Follow our page on Facebook, Ace Home Cinemas.
C. T. – Shop Elite Screens Customer

“Perfect for our back yard”

Yard Master 2 Series

Screen arrived quicker than I had anticipated! I set it up by myself and it was not difficult. As many reviews mention the screen has crease lines from how it was folded but these are not visible when we watch movies. My projector has a 12 to 18 foot throw for a 120″ picture which is perfect for our back yard. I would definitely recommend this screen!!
J. P. – Shop Elite Screens Customer

It works beautifully and really makes an outstanding impression.

I bought this for an outdoor movie theater. It works beautifully and really makes an outstanding impression. Nice reflective screen gives really crisp picture. It comes in a very heavy professional box with rollers :). It requires a large clean area to set it up, because this screen is absolutely huge. Metal tubes are labeled with sticky labels with numbers (that peel off). One person simply can’t assemble it (I usually ignore this advice when I buy things requiring two people to build, but trust me, one person just can’t). It’s about 12 feet tall and 16 feet wide when assembled. Threading the pipes through the fabric screen sides seems simple, until you try to connect them under tension. Because the fabric is tight, you need two people, one to apply substantial tension pulling the pipes apart just enough to snap them together (without pinching and cutting the fabric…or your fingers). Two people needed to stand it up and put it in its support feet. Anchor ropes/ties and weights are needed to keep the wind from blowing it over while one person holds it up. Took one hour to assemble with two very focused people, so don’t have a backyard party and start the setup during the party. Not sure how it holds up in the rain. Kind of dread setting it up and having to do a rapid take-down due to rain or wind. Because of the difficulty in setup, I sadly can’t say I look forward to using it very often, but I do love it.
Watson – Amazon.com Customer Review

Honestly, I should be a bit more hush, hush about this screen, but happy to report that it has been a great purchase.

I am in the A/V and DJ business and around this type of gear on a regular basis (Da-lite, Draper . . etc/
For the price I decided to give it a shot and utilize it for family and/or business outdoor movie nights.
Knock on wood, but I am exceptionally pleased with this item. The Wraith Veil screen really makes the image Pop.
I am using a 4500 lumen Projector (Vivitek DW868) and have run Blu-ray and standard DVD with success.

Grant it that I do this type of a thing for a living, BUT believe that the average home user will have little to no problem
putting this together.

  1. Fold out the screen frame and make sure all buttons are clicked into place.
    **Tip – do not push the corner braces tight until you have the screen on
  2. I personally put the screen on next – snap one corner, then the opposite and work around
  3. Keep front of screen facing up.
  4. Add Legs and flip front legs up so that the leg and screen are at a right angle L
  5. Get helper to lift screen on leg and lock back let into place
    **Do utilize the black contrasting borders to help align your image**

Cons – The frame, although more robust than expected, this is not as sturdy as a Da-Lite or Draper screen…..however it’s at 1/4 the cost and with a little care should last for many years.
Amazon Customer