Elite Screens, Winner of 2011 CustomRetailer EXC!TE Award

Product: Lunette Series AcousticPro1080P2

Award Description: Custom Retailer’s Excite Awards recognize products for their outstanding design, engineering, innovation and market presence. The awards are determined by the overall custom electronics community, including custom retailers, installers and integrators, in addition to the Custom Retailer staff.

Cerritos, CA., November 1, 2011 – Elite Screens is proud to announce that its Lunette Curved-Frame Projection Screen with new Acousticpro 1080P2 material has won Custom Retailer Magazine’s coveted 2011 Excite Award.

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Each year, Custom Retailer Magazine invites nominations for products that stand out for being the most innovative, high-performance and solutions-oriented to the custom installation professional.

The Lunette with its Acousticpro1080P2 (second-generation 1080P) acoustic material brings high-end quality in an easy to install package. It gives integrators and consumers an easy to use solution that is readily available without any custom build time to slow the job down. The curved design of the Lunette enhances the viewer’s sense of immersion while eliminating the “pincushion-effect”, a visual artifact that commonly distorts Cinemascope (2.35:1) and other widescreen formats. Its next-generation acoustically transparent material (1080P2) allows sound to breathe through the fabric with minimal attenuation while maintaining superb picture quality with 1080P projectors.

The staff of Elite Screens is pleased to know that its product is valued for its quality, convenience and superb audio-video performance. Products like this and our coming 4K acoustic and 3D/2D materials are definitely signs that more great stuff is yet to come.

Best regards.
-Dave Rodgers
Marketing Manager, Elite Screens Inc.


“Elite’s color balance is extremely close to neutral, it assembles pretty easily, and the screen surface is taut with no waves. Overall construction appears pretty good, and I doubt you’ll find another screen that will do better when you take price into consideration.”

– Art Feierman / Projectorreviews.com


“The bottom line … you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for a top of the line screen to get great performance for the money. “

– Bill Livolsi / ProjectorCentral.com

“This value screen has been nothing less than a champ in handling such a quality model like the Anthem. One of its merits as a bargain, combined with performance, is that you can upsell clients into a higher-end projector with the money they’re saving on the screen.”

– Arlen Schweiger, Managing Editor, CE Pro Magazine