The Elite Prime Vision® PowerMax Tension wins 2013 EXCITE Award

The Elite Prime Vision® PowerMax Tension wins 2013 EXCITE Award

Elite Screens is pleased to announce that its PowerMax Tension electric projection screen has won the Technology Integrator Magazine (formerly Custom Retailer) 2013 EXCITE Award. Each year, Technology Integrator invites nominations of products that stand out for being innovative, high-performing and solutions-oriented for the custom installation professional. The 2013 winners stood out as particularly impressive, considering the unique challenges custom installers face everyday on the job. The impact these products have on the industry is felt in the installer’s productivity, the dealer’s profitability, the client’s satisfaction and the industry’s vitality.


About The PowerMax Tension

The PowerMax Tension Series from Elite Screens is the sublime combination of elegance and reliability. It features a sleek aluminum casing with sliding wall brackets for easy installation. It’s 1.1 gain matte white has Elite’s flat tab tensioning. It has a fast-acting 14 rpm tubular motor with a 4.4 foot pound lift capacity. It has an integrated IR/RF control system with a 12-volt trigger to synchronize with projector operation. Lastly, its sliding wall brackets allow installations to be perfectly centered.


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