Spectrum Tab-Tension Fills A Big Gap In The CE Retail Projection Screen Market

The Spectrum Tab-Tension Series is a motorized projection screen with tab-tensioned reinforcements on the material to create a flat and taut projection surface. It has a slim black housing that can be easily installed either flush to the wall or ceiling mounted. There is even an option to suspend it from the ceiling if preferred.

Spectrum Tab-Tension

The screen surface is our popular and versatile MaxWhite® projection material. This 1.1 gain fabric has a matte white surface with wide viewing angle and comes complete with black backing along with masking borders on all sides.

The Spectrum Tab-Tension includes an Infrared remote control, a detachable 3-way wall switch keypad, and a 5-12 volt trigger. All of these control options permit the screen to drop from and rise into its slim black metal housing.

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