Elite Screens Inc. at CUE 2015

CUE 2015 is here and this is a reminder to come visit Elite’s booth (345 & 347) in Palm Springs to see it’s latest innovations in classroom projection screens.

The advent of Elite’s whiteboard-projection screens have provided the line with a growing presence in classroom AV. It is important to meet the challenges of today’s dynamic classroom environment and Elite has taken action to fulfill those needs.

Our greatest sellers for the educational market are professional-grade projection screens that serve the dual role of video presentations and as a dry-erase writing surface. These whiteboard-projection screens come in a variety of designs from pliable wall coverings to the traditional classroom format with a rigid ferromagnetic backing.

Sophisticated solutions should not be hard to operate and they should not come with a high price tag. The show display will feature one of our free-standing 4’x10′ WhiteBoardScreen™ Universal products.

This will be a great demonstration of our product. Below are more details on the featured screen.

We really look forward to seeing you there.

-The Elite Screens Educational Sales Team

Product Featured at CUE 2015

The WB4X10HW is a 4’ x 10’ classroom format whiteboard projection screen. It is ideal for use with short throw projectors while serving a dual purpose as a magnetic dry-erase instructional whiteboard. It features trunnions that attach it to an upright mobile stand (ZWBMS-4X10) forming a stable free-standing display. Unlike standard whiteboards, there is no glossy sheen or glaring hot spots. Its VersaWhite 1.1 Gain magnetic projection surface has a wide diffusion 180º viewing angle.

*Important Note: new 5′ x 10′ models are now in stock

WB4X10HW whiteboard projection screen

For more information about Elite Screens,

Elite Screens Inc. (USA) edu@elitescreens.com