Elite Screens Inc. Post CUE 2015 Newsletter

Thank you for meeting with us at this year’s CUE 2015 event in Palm Springs. The classroom requires constant innovation and it’s important to us that Elite Screens will continue to provide the right tools to get the job done.

CUE 2015 event in Palm Springs

Our whiteboard-projection screens coupled with an interactive short throw projector have proven in many ways to be a better, easier and less-expensive alternative to sophisticated but complex interactive whiteboards. The simple design mitigates the risk of malfunction while providing a more user-friendly design. Young adults and children can be rough on product; that is why our focus is on providing simplicity and functionality in a durable package.

Education is the guiding light to our future. People like us who have the privilege of providing for this channel understand that. Elite Screens is committed to developing more innovative ways to accommodate our educators so that they may focus solely on their tasks at hand free from mechanical distractions.

Once again, thank you for meeting with us. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Warm Regards

-The Elite Screens Educational Sales Team

Product Featured at CUE 2015

The WB4X10HW is a 4’ x 10’ classroom format whiteboard projection screen. It is ideal for use with short throw projectors while serving a dual purpose as a magnetic dry-erase instructional whiteboard. It features trunnions that attach it to an upright mobile stand (ZWBMS-4X10) forming a stable free-standing display. Unlike standard whiteboards, there is no glossy sheen or glaring hot spots. Its VersaWhite 1.1 Gain magnetic projection surface has a wide diffusion 180º viewing angle.

*Ask about our new 5′ x 10′ models coming soon

WB4X10HW whiteboard projection screen

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