Elite Screens Memorial Day Reminder

The Elite Screens US office will be closed Monday, May 25, 2015 in honor of the Memorial Day Holiday.

Although I wish everyone fun and happiness on this 3-day weekend, I also encourage you to remember why we have this day. Remember those who lost their lives in the service of this nation. There is nothing we can ever do to repay this sacrifice. There is also little we can do to relieve the suffering that the families of fallen heroes must endure in their bereavement. What we can all do is remember them.

As you gather with friends and family, enjoy the good times as I’m sure they would want you to. But share their memories. Keep them always in your thoughts and breathe a word of thanks in the heat of the afternoon or upon the passing breeze of this sweet spring day. These heroes sleep so that we may be free.

Warm regards.


Dave Rodgers
Marketing Manager, Elite Screens Inc

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