Front Projection Tip of the Day : Clarity and Sharpness

Front Projection Tip of the Day: To achieve the utmost clarity and sharpness from any front projector, be it an LCD-based model or DLP, you’ll want to avoid using and/or applying any keystone correction within the projector when aligning it to your screen. Keystone correction impacts your projector’s ability to present you with the sharpest image it can, despite it being useful for many users.
You should always endeavor to mount your projector so that the lens is centered with the horizontal center of your screen, and that the projector on a whole is low enough that you can rely on lens shift rather than digital keystone correction to bring all four corners of the projected image in alignment with your screen.
If you have to tilt your projector downward in order to get the image to align with the four corners of your screen, consider mounting your projector lower by using an extension pole.


Clarity and Sharpness