August 2015: Tips on Educating your Sales Staff

Tips on Educating your Sales Staff

By Dave Rodgers (Marketing Manager of Elite Screens & EPV® Screens)


The huge drop in projector & screen prices has created a noticeable increase of everyday CE Retail customers wanting their own big screen home theater. What was once a luxury only the privileged few could afford is now available to virtually everyone. The simple reason is that a projector and a screen ranging in size from 100-150” can be obtained at a fraction of the cost of an 80” flat screen TV.  Retailers are scrambling to stock affordable projectors for these oft-branded “entry level” home theater enthusiasts. The problem is many stores are not adequately equipped to display a projection system and even fewer have employees who know the difference between a projection screen and a bed sheet. Here’s an easy 1-2 punch solution; it involves working with a limited space for your store’s projection display and having your employees give an easy spiel that will make sense to a potential customer.
First, educate your employees. A doe-eyed shrug generally doesn’t inspire customers to see the value of what you’re selling. The main reason why a projection screen should be used is that it’s designed for video presentations; bed sheets and dry wall were not. (see full article here)