CEDIA Expo 2015 Post Show Report

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Thank you for visiting EPV® Screens at last week’s CEDIA Expo 2015 in Dallas. This year featured our Polar Star® eFinity as the star attraction. This angular-reflective Ambient Light Rejecting projection screen lived up to its new ISF certification while featuring “The Art of Flight” video content. In addition to that, we also brought our DarkStar® 9 retro-reflective ALR screen and Peregrine ISF of which we are proud to announce all have been certified by the Imaging Science Foundation. Other products included were the PowerMax electric screens and a sample from Advaning, Elite’s sister company that manufactures outdoor awnings and shades.

In addition to our exciting new product lines, the DarkStar® 9 won Sound & Vision Magazine’s“Top-Pick Award” in its stellar review that was the talk of the show among the screen sales channel. Likewise PolarStar® eFinity won Technology Integrator Magazine’s EXCITE Award. EPV® was featured in numerous editorials, press releases and documentary videos while accruing a lead generation that was 151% of last year’s count.

There is a lot of work to do in the coming year and we look forward to discussing your goals and how we may help you surpass them.

Best regards.


Jeff Klida, EPV® Screens VP of Sales


EPV® Products Featured at CEDIA 2015

eFinity PolarStar®

  • EDGE FREE® ambient light rejecting
  • ISF Certified on image color/contrast
  • Polarized 3D (passive/active)
  • 4K compliant
  • LED back lighting kit (16-color, 4 mode)


Pergrine ISF

  • Matte White Material
  • ISF Certified on image color/contrast
  •  Active 3D and 4K Ultra HD Ready


DarkStar 9

  • Ambient light rejecting (Retro Reflective)
  • ISF Certified on image color/contrast
  • Active 3D and 4K Ultra HD Ready


PowerMax Sonic

  •  Sonic White acoustically transparent projection material
  • Strong, fast-acting tubular motor
  • Full IR, RF, and RJ45 control package


Awards Won by EPV in 2015


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