Elite Screens Inc. and EPV® Screens at Cedia 2015

EPV® Screens will be present with Elite Screens (Booth# 1700) at the 2015 CEDIA Expo in Dallas.

Over the last 3-years, EPV® Screens has made tremendous strides with dedicated custom installers. At this year’s show, EPV® will be showcasing its latest in ambient light rejecting (ALR), 4K compliant, Acoustically Transparent and ISF certified products.

To date, 2015 has been a fantastic year. Our awards offer a compelling testimony as to the quality of EPV®’s brand. Now here is your chance to inspect our dynamic product line first-hand.

Below is a listing of what will be at the show. Please take a moment to check out the video, product and award links

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Jeff Klida, EPV® Screens VP of Sales


EPV® Products Featured at CEDIA 2015

eFinity PolarStar®

  • EDGE FREE® ambient light rejecting
  • ISF Certified on image color/contrast
  • Polarized 3D (passive/active)
  • 4K compliant
  • LED back lighting kit (16-color, 4 mode)


Pergrine ISF

  • Matte White Material
  • ISF Certified on image color/contrast
  •  Active 3D and 4K Ultra HD Ready

DarkStar 9

  1. Ambient light rejecting (Retro Reflective)
  2. ISF Certified on image color/contrast
  3. Active 3D and 4K Ultra HD Ready

PowerMax Sonic

  1.  Sonic White acoustically transparent projection material
  2. Strong, fast-acting tubular motor
  3. Full IR, RF, and RJ45 control package


Awards Won by EPV in 2015


For more information about EPV®, please write to

EPV® email. sales@epvscreens.com