EPV® eFinity PolarStar® (ISF) Wins 2015 EXCITE Award

Winner: Technology Integrator Magaizine’s 2015 Excite Award
Product: eFinity PolarStar® Projection Screen

EPV® Screens is proud to announce that the eFinity PolarStar®, a leading brand in edge-free design with ambient light rejecting (ALR) material, has won Technology Integrator Magazine’s 2015 Excite Award.
Technology Integrator is honored to present its annual EXC!TE Awards to the best products available to the industry this year. Each year, Technology Integrator invites nominations of products that stand out for being innovative, high-performing and solutions-oriented for the custom installation professional.

The 2015 winners stood out as particularly impressive, considering the unique challenges custom installers face every day on the job. The impact these products have on the industry is felt in the installers’ productivity, the dealers’ profitability, the clients’ satisfaction and the industry’s vitality.

This dedicated CI product from EPV® further emphasizes their commitment to the channel by providing quality projection screens worthy of the endorsements from the industry’s leading authorities.
I look forward to speaking with you about our innovative new product lines and how we may assist you with achieving your business goals through this year and many more to come.

Best regards.
Jeff Klida,
Elite Prime Vision® VP of Sales

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