EPV® DarkStar® Reviewed by WSR Magazine’s Seth Schnaible

Although every brand will present its various lines in the most positive light, it’s important to hear what the professionals think when the rubber really hits the road. In this case, Widescreen Review’s Seth Schnaible reviewed a lineup of the top ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) projector screens in the business. Among the various brands, EPV®’s DarkStar® received high marks on its quality, performance and unprecedented compact packaging that enables even the largest sizes to ship Fedex/UPS ground.

EPV®’s compact packaging of its 110″ screen was a surprise to Seth at first. “I thought that a huge mistake was made, as the box was only about 5 feet long.” When he learned that everything was included in that one, small package, concern became fascination at how he could fit the whole screen into the back seat of his car. “This could be a game changer for a lot of people—perhaps (someone) who doesn’t otherwise have a truck to transport the screen or for a tight spiral staircase that a traditional screen would be difficult to navigate.”

Regarding performance, Seth had this to say “The EPV® DarkStar® presented a really good match with the SI in terms of maintaining saturation levels from a straight-on position. The black roof is also about the same. At that point it looked like quite a similar performance response among the technologies being applied.”

EPV DarkStar

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About the DarkStar®

The DarkStar’s® 1.4 gain material is professionally engineered to incorporate optical filters that actively reflect a projected image while preventing (indirect) ambient light from “washing out” the picture. It is a retro reflective design that won Commercial Integrator Magazine’s EXCITE Award.

This is one of a few ambient light rejecting projector screens that we carry. Please visit our site to learn about the various negative and positive gain solutions we have to offer.

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