PC Magazine Reviews the Yard Master2 OMS100H2 and Rear Projection Material

Just in Time for Summer, Read the Latest on the Yard Master2 Outdoor Projection Screen and What PC Magazine has to say about it.

PC Magazine’s M. David Stone recently reviewed the Yardmaster2 in a 2-Part evaluation. Part 1 features the Yard Master2 with its matte-white front projection material. Part 2 covers its rear-projection material. As good as the reviews are, I wanted to save these for Springtime so that I may remind you of an essential outdoor product for the coming days of Summer. So Dads & Grads, get your popcorn; the show’s about to start.


Part 1. Elite Screens Yard Master 2 OMS100H2 Review by PC Magazine

Unlike most projector screens, which are meant for indoor use, the Elite Screens Yard Master 2 OMS100H2 ($199) is designed with the outdoors in mind, although you can certainly use it indoors if you like. It’s highly portable—with a lightweight aluminum frame that folds up into a small form factor and unfolds to full size quickly and easily—and it comes with a soft padded bag that makes it easy to carry and easy store when you’re not using it. It’s worth a look if want a screen for showing movies in your backyard.

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Part 2. Features The Yard Master 2 With Rear-Projection Material

If you watch movies in your backyard—or would like to—the Elite Screens Yard Master 2 OMS100HR2 rear-projection screen ($269) is an eye-catching choice, particularly if you’ve ever been annoyed by someone standing up in the middle of a movie and casting a shadow. Rear projection avoids this by putting the projector behind the screen.

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About the Yard Master2

The Yard Master 2 is a folding-frame outdoor projection screen. Its light-weight aluminum frame allows it to be set up in minutes. Simply, unfold the frame; attach the material and legs, then project. The Yard Master2 is the perfect companion for outdoor presentations with front or rear projection materials available.

Additional Yard Master Videos

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