Top European AV Experts Give Great Review of Elite’s Motorized CineGrey 5D® Ambient Light Rejecting Screen

As Elite Screens continues to make great strides in the European sales channels, its product lines are getting the attention of Europe’s leading AV specialists.  Beamer4U is a leading German media source regarding  projectors, screens and accessories.   In addition to product sales, they regularly produce videos and product evaluations to ensure that their customers are well informed and appreciative of the finer points in projection technology.  Beamer4U’s Thomas Conrad brought in Eckhardt “Ekki” Schmitt who is a top German AV authority to put Elite’s Saker Tab-Tension electric projection screen with its CineGrey 5D® material through its paces.  According to Beamer4U’s website, “ Ekki Schmitt demonstrates the functionality of Elite’s high contrast ALR screen. These high contrast screens are ideally suited for  home theaters and living rooms. In conjunction with High Dynamic Range HDR has even more ……..”

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The results were an outstanding evaluation of both the screen’s functionality and on the material itself.


Important talking points on the quality of our CineGrey 5D® Ambient Light Rejecting material

  • Min. 9:20 matte white screen vs. CineGrey 5D® comparison:
    This is a comparison that demonstrates the resounding advantage Elite’s CineGrey 5D® has over standard matte-white projection materials.
  • Min. 11:00 CineGrey 5D® demonstrates superior black in ambient light :
    Black levels are enhanced and contrast is vastly improved leading to sharper picture quality even with the lights on.
  • Min. 13:20 Dark room superiority of CineGrey 5D® video performance:
    *Notice how the ambient light rejecting capabilities of CineGrey 5D® drastically reduces the glare reflected off of white walls in a dark room. This segment illustrates the significance of enhanced picture performance in addition to reducing the glare from the screen itself illuminating walls to create side lighting that  interferes with the projected image.