Elite Launches Blog to Educate Customers, Enthusiasts, and AV Specialists on Projector Screens

Elite Screens Launches Tutorial Blog that Educates Consumers and Industry Workers on all the Tough Questions about Projector Screens that They May be Afraid to Ask on a Forum.


Elite screens is proud to announce the launch of an educational blog geared toward answering the tough questions people are afraid to ask about the projection screen industry. People have a lot of questions about projectors and screens but for many, they feel embarrassed about not knowing the answer. More importantly, many who work in the industry are afraid that their reputation may be tainted if it got out that they were not 100% fluent on any particular AV topic. Although it’s not likely that there’s someone out there who is an absolute authority of everything AV, admitting that is still awkward nonetheless, so we came up with a solution. On the ES Projector Screen Blog, these questions can be answered in detail through a discreet and informative source.

Projection Screen Resource Site

Industry Writer, Dave Rodgers will be writing content and administrating over the site. He has over 20 years experience in the technology industry and has made numerous TV, radio, print and online appearances giving advice on the many topics shared on the Blog. Elite Screens has become one of the world leading brands in projector screens and would now like to share the combined knowledge from its staff of product and industry professionals to advance the general knowledge of this industry to its customers.


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