Introducing Aeon CLR® Ceiling Light Rejecting® Projector Screen For Ultra Short Throw Projectors

The Aeon CLR® Series (Ultra Short Throw) is an EDGE FREE® fixed frame screen that uses Elite’s newest StarBright CLR® (Ceiling Light Rejecting®) material. It’s optical surface lens micro-structure negates the washout effects of ambient lighting from overhead sources. This also enables the material to provide contrast levels that are 100 times greater than that of standard matte white projection screens. The StarBright CLR® material is specifically designed for ultra-short-throw projectors to provide a large-screen performance within the close quarters of most residential or office training environments. It also dwarfs today’s flat-panel displays but at a fraction of their cost. Aeon CLR® Series offers a wide 180° viewing angle, neutral color temperature, and enhanced picture contrast in a theater-grade image. This is a lot better than eye strain caused by the excessive glare radiating from flat panel displays. Also, it utilizes Elite’s award-winning EDGE FREE® design that incorporates a wrap-around material over an internal framework with optional 6mm bezel. Lastly, an LED back-lighting kit is included to serve as a source for aesthetic mood lighting for those times when the screen is not in use.

For those attending CES 2016, the Aeon CLR® Series will be on display at our Venetian Suite on the 31’st floor # 31-219.

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Dave Rodgers
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The StarBright CLR® Material

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How the StarBright CLR® Material Works

The StarBright CLR® is specifically designed as a (Ceiling Light Rejecting®) material. It features a serriform multi-layer optical lens structure that absorbs up to 95% of overhead lighting to eliminate washout, in order to create a clear image specifically for tabletop-mounted ultra short-throw projectors.

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