Why is CineGrey 5D® Just Better Than Matte White Projector Screens?

Replace an Overpriced Flat Panel TV with a Larger-than-Life Image Bringing Superior Image Clarity at a Fraction of the Cost.

The CineGrey 5D® does what a matte white projector screen can’t. CineGrey 5D® eliminates the washout effects of ambient room lighting. This is huge since recent trends reveal that projectors and screens are coming out of the dark room and into the living room. People want multi-purpose rooms and that means giving a presentation in a well-lit room.

Matte white screens are ill-equipped for the job of filtering out ambient light. The result is a milky glare washing out the projected image. The video above shows that not only can the CineGrey 5D® material help create a superior image in either a light or dark room but the material is also ISF Certified for accurate color points, color temperature and dynamic range by the world renowned Imaging Science Foundation.

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About The CineGrey 5D®

matte white vs Cinegrey 5D

Elite’s CineGrey 5D® ALR projection screen enhances the overall performance of lower-output projectors in addition to eliminating the “wash-out” effect that room lighting has on a regular white screens.

The CineGrey 5D® is a .35mm thick PVC material that comprises of a silver-gray reflective surface with a tinted diffusion layer. It is a 1.5 gain material that delivers outstanding picture clarity and color temperature in addition to superb contrast levels. This angular-reflective material is ideal for use with floor or ceiling-mounted projectors in either a residential or business environment. Its 110° overall half-gain angle makes it ideal for theater-style seating while it both enhances picture brightness while retaining 88% polarization during 3D presentations.