Life Wire 2017 Best Large Room Projector Screen

Award: Life Wire 2017 Best Large Room Projector Screen

Product: Elite’s Spectrum Electric 180″

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If you really want to go big, Elite Screen’s Spectrum offers a 180-inch, 16:9 4K-ready home theater motorized drop-down projector screen with more than enough screen real estate for any large gathering space. With a total view space of 88.3 inches high and 156.9 inches wide, there’s plenty of room to binge-watch the latest Netflix series on a screen that’s as close to your own home theater as possible. The 180-degree viewing angle offers outstanding seating options for all your guests, and there’s even a fully black-backed front to prevent light penetration from behind.

Spectrum Electric

The included infrared remote and detachable three-way wall switch can control the motorized retractable display that features a silent synchronous motor that’s energy friendly. Fortunately, the Spectrum series comes out of the box fully assembled with included hardware for both wall or ceiling installation or an optional in-ceiling trim kit for a hidden installation if you want to go fancy. At 52.9 pounds, there’s nothing light about the Spectrum, but for the price tag, you’ll find a fantastic display that offers lifelike colors, a silent motor and a truly enjoyable viewing experience that’s sure to please the entire family.


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