What is a Wireless 12 Volt Trigger and Why is it Valuable?

Control your projector and screen together:

The driving force of technology is convenience and at the heart of convenience is simplicity.  When it comes to audio-visual displays, 12-Volt Triggers are both convenient and simple because they allow your projector and retractable electric screen to act as one product.  When you turn on your projector, the screen automatically lowers to the viewing position.  When you turn the projector off, the screen retracts back into it’s casing.  No further actions are necessary.  You don’t have to operate your projection screen’s wireless remotes and you don’t have to get up and cross the room to flip a switch.


How a wireless 12-volt trigger works:

In the past, 12-volt triggers were a hard-wired device that physically connected your projector and screen.  This means that if you had one, either there was an ugly wire running across your floor; taped to your ceiling; or nicely hidden in your walls at the high cost of a visit from your local home installation professional.  The wireless trigger negates all this.  Now, there are no wires, just a simple process that makes life more convenient.

When the projector powers up, an electric current transmits a radio frequency command through the wireless 12-volt trigger to the projection screen’s RF receiver.  This signal instructs the screen’s motor to drop the material into the down position.

When the projector powers off, the device then transmits an RF command for the screen to retract.


Play-by-play description of installing and operating a Wireless 12-volt trigger:

With no extra wires to clutter your floor; and no special programming or hacks to know, the device connects to your projector.

  • Simply plug the “thumb-drive”-sized device into the 3.5mm jack located on your projector. It will work with all projectors that have a 3.5mm jack.  Check your product manual to get the synchronization process. It typically takes about 30 seconds.
  • Depending on whether you use a remote control or a connected home automation system, once the projector powers on, the trigger commands the projection screen to drops down from the casing.
  • Power the projector off and the screen retracts back into the casing.
  • No further maintenance is necessary.  Keep the wireless 12-volt trigger plugged into the projector.  The projector’s power switch will activate the screen.


About Elite’s 12-volt trigger for outdoor electric projector screens:

The ZOMS-TR12V wireless 12-volt trigger is a small device that coordinates your Yard Master Electric outdoor projection screen with the projector and no wires are required.  When the projector powers on, the wireless 12-volt trigger acts as a radio-frequency wireless remote and brings down the projection screen into the “open” position.  When the projector powers down, the trigger commands the screen to retract back into its casing. This works with the Yard Master Electric outdoor projector screen which is IP33 certified for rain/water protection. Sizes are available up to 180”.